The end of a project

Today, we are announcing the end of this project. As many of you probably noticed over the past several months, we no longer have enough free time to properly maintain Antergos. We came to this decision because we believe that continuing to neglect the project would be a huge disservice to the community. Taking this action now, while the project’s code still works, provides an opportunity for interested developers to take what they find useful and start their own projects.

We want to thank you for all of your support over the years. While working on this project, we’ve learned many invaluable skills that have vastly improved both our personal and professional lives. For that we will always be grateful.

-Dustin, Alex, & Gustau

The Antergos GNOME Desktop environment

Today, May 21st, it was exactly five years ago the Antergos founders and developers dropped this bombshell of an announcement on their community. Besides Antergos being the “easy Arch install” distro with their unique installer named Cnchi, its best feature was the community which the founders also expressed at the beginning of that announcement.

“What started as a summertime hobby seven years ago quickly grew into an awesome Linux distribution with an even more awesome community around it. Our goal was to make Arch Linux available to a wider audience of users by providing a streamlined, user friendly experience including a safe place for users to communicate, learn, and help one another.”

The neglect Dustin refers to was clearly visible in the last months of Antergos’ existence. Repo packages that were versions behind, the installer was even hacked for a short period but most of all, there was no sign of a response from any of the developers on the forum or other social media platforms but despite those signs, the announcement took the entire community by surprise. The team released a new ISO with a fixed installer three weeks before that announcement, hence the surprised reaction.

I was one of those community members who didn’t see this decision coming. Earlier that year I was promoted to moderator on the forum by one of the defining community members named… My apologies, I forgot his name… I know he is German and his name rhymes with mow… It will come to me later, I’m sure.
Anyway, back on topic, I was determined to contribute my part to the distro and now it was coming to an abrupt stop.

So, I had this “brilliant idea” but like most of the “brilliant ideas” I come up with, I didn’t think it through…
There I was, reading posts from the community saying they had no idea where to go from here. The gist of all of these posts was that the majority of the community was fine dealing with Arch the distro, but not the community.
Easy peasy, I thought, why not move the community to a new forum and continue the great work and feeling over there? Brilliant, right?!?

I posted this idea, thinking a more experienced and tech-savvy person would pick up this idea, I would jump on that train and Bob’s your uncle…

The reactions to that post were overwhelmingly and enthusiastically positive and people were asking me when the forum would be live and if I could use Discourse as the forum software instead of the one Antergos used.
Just as I wanted to set the record straight, what happened next made matters worse, two moderators PM’ed me. One was @fernandomaroto who offered his Antergos-based Portergos ISO to be the base of the new project and the other one was, …Joe that’s his name…, @joekamprad who wrote that he wanted in too and asked if it was alright with me if @manuel could join too. They also asked about the bandwidth and the size of my server space…

Who… What?!?.. Why… How did this happen?!? Another idea of mine that went in the opposite direction than I envisioned myself…Me and my big mouth, think before you write things like that, Bryan!!!
Server space, what’s a Discourse, no, no, no…This can’t happen, I decided for myself. I’m going to thank these guys for the offer and I am going to answer that I am looking forward to seeing when their idea turns into reality and then I am going to join them as a community member.
Then, I am going to write a post on the forum with a good apology to the community and that is it.

There’s no chance in this lifetime I would be involved with a project like that, it’s ludicrous, where do I find the time and seriously, in my world Python is a snake, C is the third letter of the alphabet and Calamares is my favourite dish… well differently spelt then.
So, I started to write my reply to @fernandomaroto and @joekamprad

To be continued…


You can’t scare people like that… :cold_face:


I have to admit I can be slow but after reading this 3 times I think I understand nothing, This is probably written really well but would you be able to sum it up in a few sentences for slow people like me (if possible) I get if this is the best way and I’ll try again tomorrow to re read it otherwise so I don’t misunderstand stuff


its a reflection on how Antergos ended and how Endeavour OS was born :wink:


Even better than a few sentences lol, will re read this though tomorrow just can’t retain anything righ now


Click bait title.


Thought so from what I read, going to re read all this tomorrow to wrap my head around it

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Yeah don’t scare us!, i was reading this and was like "what?! Noooo! Oh… Wait Antergos? Ah puh… it’s just history time.

This is the ONLY distro I ever liked(even enough to give money every month!).

EndeavourOS Forever! :enos_flag: :enos: :+1: :heart:


Apologies for being a slow reader on this. Had to read it five times before I got it. Don’t scare us like that, @Bryanpwo!

I’m eternally grateful to how EndeavourOS came about and long may it continue.


At least I wasn’t the only one lol, I put it down to my alcohol imput til the last few comments

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I saw the tweet, was definitely scared for a min, lol


I saved the latest Antergos-iso on a portable harddrive. Just for the cool backgrounds, what else?
Anyway, the world still turns round, and you (all) made Endeavouros a great distro.
Thank you!


Haha this post’s title could have been phrased so much better, - appreciate English may not be a first language, - but something as simple as “The End of the Antergos Project (a Retrospective).” would have prevented a few heart attacks…


Great to get attention though, SEO here in the works


Jesus H Christ my heart dropped when I saw the notification pop up in Chrome… Don’t do this again, people gonna end up in hospitals.


I hope it will. Not only this topic…


Well, let me take this opportunity to thank you, dear sweet maestro @Bryanpwo, for stepping up and accepting that (as one of my favourite video game characters said - paraphrased) “It had to be you. Someone else might have gotten it wrong”. All the devs, helpers, supporters are not just machines, but people who might not hear it often enough, but I really really appreciate all your work and dedication.

Out of the ashes of Antergos rises our favourite distro. We are all pretty lucky.



Yet you Killed the Snake, Decided the alphabet wasn’t that bad and Swallowed that very large Octopus whole giving you the opportunity to grew the nuts to do this project and we thank you.


Was so unsure of what I was reading then til I read what you where quoting for the third time lol, time for sleep soon I think


Bro, wtf? :scream: Stop scaring us like that! It’s not even April Fools’ Day :stuck_out_tongue: