The end of a project

us the minion army would go and pat on his head if the project ends , and i mean it

This was incredibly well written, even as a segment. As someone who missed out on Antergos, this gave some interesting context and backstory.



It symbolically/archetypically stands for a change, a farewell or an end, but not necessarily death.
The card does not necessarily have to mean something negative (end of unpleasant life situations; every end usually implies a new beginning as a logical consequence).

The card means an abrupt change, a voluntary or involuntary end, becoming and passing away or physical death, in any case an inevitable and final event.


I was also somehow scared at first getting it in.
But title already say a project :crazy_face:


Remind us all about the fragility of Open-Source Free-Software Free-will projects !


I knew it! Assimilation to the Manjaro Borg is coming :alien:



I am very new (27.03.2024) to EndeavourOS/Linux. I used Windows (3.11, 98, XP, 7, 10, 11) for all my life. I thought it would be hard for a total newbie to fully switch to a Linux distribution. Thanks to EndeavourOS and the Forum it was not that hard then I thought. I have still so much to learn but I am okay with it.

I just want to say Thank you! Thank you! Thank you all for your work!


Thank you for the wonderfull read, Bryan - may you have more of these “brilliant ideas” in the future, please - these are very helpfull and enlightening, at least this one was for me.

Hats of to everyone who was involved, I owe you!


Wow! Five years already? According to my screenshot collection I was running i3 on Antergos as far back as 2016. I installed the 2nd beta of EndeavourOS as my daily driver and have been here since.


I must say I am bit disappointed, I though Bryan is some kind of linux computer genius guru, and now it turns out this was almost all a coincidence :joy: lol I am kidding of course :blush:


I’m a genius in coincidences :sweat_smile:


a chain of unforeseeable connected events.


A series of fortunate events, so to speak.


indeed! we are all part of a great puzzle


For a short moment i was frozen like ice … thoughts like “oh no, not again my favorite distro” and “oh god first arm and now the whole distro” were running through my brain … then i read “Antergos” :sweat_smile: :crazy_face:

But at least a good reminder to be thankful for this great distro.

So thanks to everybody who is involved to making EndeavourOS possible and even better all the time.


“The probable (that in 6,000,000,000 rolls of a regular six-number die there will be approximately 1,000,000,000 ones) and the improbable (that in 6 rolls of the same die there will be 6 ones) do not differ in essence, but only in frequency, whereby the more common appears to be more credible from the outset. But once the improbable occurs, there is nothing greater about it, no miracle or anything like that, as the layman would like it to be. When we speak of the probable, the improbable is always already included, as a borderline case of the possible, and once it occurs, the improbable, there is no reason for us to be surprised, to be shocked, to be mystified."

Max Frisch, book Homo Faber


Wow, that is certainly a text you mustn’t read when, let’s say, a drink has been taken. :grin:


I read it in school for my german classes. It seems it kind of stuck with me. Great quote.

don’t drink and read :wink: :beers:


Great quote, bookmarked.:bookmark:
[ [ [ Possible ] Improbable ] Probable ]

I wonder what’s beyond probable? Infinity onion layer of Improbables, till you find the perfect formula or technique for to make it Probable? Dice rolls to another dimension or multiverse? :sweat_smile:

To infinity and beyond. :laughing:


Same here. I like Mint DE and still use it from time to time and on my server, but NOTHING compares to Endeavour OS. It was like the time back in 2004 when I went from Windows to Debian and never looked back. Talk about taking a red pill!

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