The Dark Side of Open Source

The issue here isn’t so much opensource as in code but as in an Individual.

However even things that have been around for years will eventually die. Looks look at the OS we are based on. The developers decided to call it quits and left a community to search for a new OS. This is why people need to understand that Free Open Source doesn’t mean Free as in Free Beer but Free as in Freedom.

This is also a lesson to people to just not jump on the newest wave because it may not be as good as you anticipate.

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I understand the developers point of view - it is really hard to circumsize anyone wearing a rabbit costume.

Good point! :rofl:

Security? Privacy? Hackers?
What the hell do you want from me, i’m just a wabbit! :rabbit:

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And how ever low you imagine people can go, there is always someone who trying to lower the bar :rofl:

Circumcision is a kind of hacking, I suppose. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Nothing to see here… misleading clickbait as usual… actually showing the Bright side of open source - the fact that you can’t mess up without everyone knowing.

For me, the saddest part is when good projects get abandoned, some have very short lifespans when they should be more prominent.

Projects like Guayadeque music player, and Variety wallpaper downloader/changer - why they aren’t more popular, or copied, or more actively developed is a mystery… just the integrated panel makes it awesome, add to that the smartplay, playlist, and (unlike Strawberry) the ability to listen to music without having anything more than the coverart and maybe Lyrics (that stupid huge not-togglable playlist…).

But the writing is on the wall, after an active phase, in the end we often have to let go.

As we did with Docky, I’m sure there were a few fans back in the day, it seemed advanced for it’s time.

But really, what can go wrong - switch to a single developer’s browser based on Chromium and leave Firefox to die?

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Well, we can always use Edge… :grimacing: <ducks and runs away>

Eh, whatever. This has nothing to do with open source other than the fact that some of it would never have been discovered if it wasn’t open source.

That being said, I have been warning people for years about using one-man browser projects. Your browser is too critical to entrust to a single person keeping it updated and safe.


What browser would you recommend, especially for the new KDE6?

Using Firefox, but I am really annoyed by the bugs it has with copy and paste.

Hey! HEY!!! :rabbit:
You haven’t warned us about one-furry projects though! :rofl:

I pretty much always recommend Firefox. I think, more realistically it depends on your specific needs and use cases.

For me, my priorities are generally:

  • Timely access to patches
  • Security
  • Privacy

Firefox is the best with those in mind. With add-ons, settings and user.js changes I can lock it down from a security and privacy perspective and since it is a top-tier browser it gets patches quicker than most downstream projects would.

But again, that is based on my personal needs and counts on my willingness to tweak everything to achieve my goals.

If someone wanted a browser that was more secure and private out of the box, I might recommend LibreWolf instead. For someone who doesn’t care about privacy, there are several chromium-based browsers worth recommending.


For the reasons you mentioned, I used FF for several years now. But I often copy-and-paste, and FF has an annoying bug where I have to select something, ‘select all’ so the selected part is not grayed out, then switch to a different tab, and then back to get the copy into the clipboard.

This is so annoying that I am contemplating to switch. A fix or workaround for this bug would be welcome, too.

Err…I copy/paste out of firefox all the time and have never seen that issue. Is there something specific that triggers that?

I don’t know, but it happens on several computers of mine (which are all set up quite similar).

It’s also not always happening. I have yet to find out what triggers it.

That’s a weird one, I have never heard of that either. Try disabling all your extensions and see if you can reproduce the issue.

Interesting - I’m not sure how you achieved that. Maybe have a look on a Guest/Test account and verify this… could be an issue with clipboard/mouse/whatever settings.

If you simply ‘refresh’ Firefox, then your ~/.mozilla/emk profile folder simply gets moved to desktop, so you don’t lose anything you can’t easily restore.

  1. Select and drag and drop working fine (X11 here though).
  2. Select, Ctrl+C also appears in clipboard.
  3. Select, context>copy also appears in clipboard.

Would especially like to express my gratitude to the Thorium developer for further highlighting why people shouldn’t be so quick to abandon the only remaining free Ark which is Firefox.

You probably did but just checking, did you enable the Firefox Wayland environment variables?

I was just checking out this video for interest. At minute 3:37 Titus is showing thorium github issue #468 which is describing weird stuff in the source code. I wanted to read more about this issue and in the meantime it has been deleted:

That is scary!! I have never seen complete github/git issues being deleted.