The big release is coming

Friends this is an announcement thread. Let’s keep it in topic. :hugs:


Sooooo. . . is still black. . . How much longer? I’m not like sitting here hitting F5 every few minutes or anything. . . .


:point_up: About 2 and a half hours. :slight_smile:

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You must be excited about this fbody … I think you mean


guess i stay up late :rofl: PBP Full charge ,ready with new 128G emmc just for EOS


:mechanical_arm: Arm is coming! :hourglass_flowing_sand: :point_left:

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Great news. I might try a clean install just to see how everything goes

I noticed Deepin stable was released a while ago. Is the DE ready for Endeavour yet?

It hasn’t made its way over to arch stable yet. Deepin stable is debian.

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15 minutes to 19:00 CET.

I’m working on doing the firmware updates so I can do the USB booting. I haven’t used this rpi in forever. I only bought it so I could hook it to my TV and watch football on it. My TV is the only monitor I have, so, it’s a little strange using it for anything else.

:scream: :scream_cat: