The battle to outlaw end-to-end encryption in the U.S. is heating up


What the hell :exploding_head:

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I hope they try to outlaw it. This will only help push people to alternative, freedom-respecting social media and also motivate the development of FOSS smartphones. They can’t possibly hope to enforce these laws: they can’t even prevent people from torrenting tv shows. :rofl:


If this passes, it’ll be a quick exodus from my iPhone

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I always wonder how something like this can be enforced.

Will they start sniffing all the traffic to identity who is using encryption? Will there be only some “authorized” type of allowed encryption? Will they (government) be running giant data centers to sniff all the internet traffic within the US and then decrypting it using their backdoor keys to ensure compliance?

I feel like the people proposing, or passing this kind of legislation, have no idea what they are talking about.

That one i guess, China style model, although to make it actually work it’ll take years.