Testing Plasma 6 (Beta) on Endeavour OS - is this approach any good?

Well it should be…I update 10 times a day (no joke) :slight_smile:
Nov 20 03:23:16 endeavour ksplashqml[2843]: QQmlComponent: Component is not ready
Nov 20 03:23:16 endeavour ksplashqml[2843]: kf.plasma.quick: “file:///home/dbarron/.local/share/plasma/look-and-feel/KDE-Story/contents/splash/Splash.qml”
Nov 20 03:23:16 endeavour ksplashqml[2843]: 24 – exe=/usr/bin/ksplashqml
Nov 20 03:23:16 endeavour ksplashqml[2843]: 17 – platform=wayland
Nov 20 03:23:16 endeavour ksplashqml[2843]: 19 – appname=ksplashqml
Nov 20 03:23:16 endeavour ksplashqml[2843]: 17 – apppath=/usr/bin
Nov 20 03:23:16 endeavour ksplashqml[2843]: 10 – signal=11
Nov 20 03:23:16 endeavour ksplashqml[2843]: 9 – pid=2843
Nov 20 03:23:16 endeavour ksplashqml[2843]: KCrash: crashing… crashRecursionCounter = 2
Nov 20 03:23:16 endeavour ksplashqml[2843]: KCrash: Application Name = ksplashqml path = /usr/bin pid = 2843
Nov 20 03:23:16 endeavour ksplashqml[2843]: KCrash: Arguments: /usr/bin/ksplashqml
Nov 20 03:23:16 endeavour ksplashqml[2843]: KCrash: Attempting to start /usr/lib/drkonqi
Nov 20 03:23:57 endeavour ksplashqml[2843]: Unable to start Dr. Konqi
Nov 20 03:23:57 endeavour ksplashqml[2843]: Re-raising signal for core dump handling.
Nov 20 03:23:58 endeavour systemd-coredump[4181]: Process 2843 (ksplashqml) of user 1000 dumped core.
#6 0x0000561408a39ce4 n/a (ksplashqml + 0x7ce4)
#7 0x0000561408a3791f n/a (ksplashqml + 0x591f)
#10 0x0000561408a37dc5 n/a (ksplashqml + 0x5dc5)

Same here. :slight_smile: Should be enough; don’t want to crash any servers out there, do we? :wink:

As to the error message, I had a look at bugs.kde.org but can not really find anything, but I am not yet well versed in searching there. Perhaps I missed something.

Edit: did find [1], but I don´t think it’s related.
[1] https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=471843

I grew up without mice :slight_smile: so I’m used to using the keyboard…

Anyone else noticing this behaviour?

Press meta-key → menu opens.
Press meta-key again → nothing happens

Press meta-key → menu opens.
Press meta-key again → menu closes

Actually my behavior on the menu key is still as you described Plasma5.
That’s kinda why I didn’t go reporting my ksplashqml, there are a lot of different experiences :frowning: which is a bit concerning.

Yeah, true - perhaps we should hold our horses until November 29th (release date Beta 1)**?

I’m using Plasma 6 on a daily basis now and it’s stable, there are no glaring problems or crashes (in my case), but I do see nuisances or “odd” things of which I wonder if they should be reported at all.

** People over at KDE are so incredibly considerate to have chosen this date: it’s the date my wife and I are together for 37 years. Two reasons to celebrate :smile:.

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I wonder if they (the dev team) should propose a fresh reload of KDE components and libraries for beta testing (when we get there)? Because I always wonder if bits and pieces leftover aren’t responsible for differing behaviors.

Seems like a good strategy to me - I wouldn’t mind to start from a new Plasma5 iso around the beta release date.

My aim for now was to get myself acquainted with testing in the KDE-ecosystem, to find out how and where to report bugs, and to see if it is at all feasible for a non-tech user like me to do testing like this. I wanted to be ready for testing around the beta release date.
I hadn’t expected to be using the pre-beta release as my daily driver within a couple of days, though.

I ahem basically said (high in the thread) that it was just about ready for daily use lol.

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Congratulations!!! (37 years!!!)

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Identified a new issue. At least on my hardware, when it dims the screen before going to sleep, it fails to reset monitor brightness (from 5) to my former default. Resulting in very dim screens :wink:

Haven’t noticed that at my end - will see if I can confirm.

KDE people are working hard to get Plasma 6/QT6 ready.

November 18th, I had reported a bug where META-1, META-2 etc did not work as expected[1].

That bug was confirmed yesterday and solved today [2].

[1] https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=477185
[2] https://invent.kde.org/plasma/plasma-desktop/-/commit/f86c00156143d1ecc9d97ef1da83efc40b10dbfd


I want to try to confirm this scenario, so let me get this straight:

Do you actually let the system go to sleep, and then, after it went to sleep, you “awake” it, and then the screen remains dim?

Or does this also occur if, when the screen is dimming/dimmed and just before the system is about to go to sleep, you move the mouse, or press a key to prevent it actually going to sleep?

BTW: I searched bugs.kde.org; found a confirmed bug[1] that seems to describe your bug, that’s pre-Plasma 6 but apparently not resolved yet.

[1] https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=452492

It always occurs (I changed options so stopped it) when screen dims.
Yes, that’s precisely it, however it wasn’t occurring on my system till I up’d to Plasma 6. Weird (again).

If you put the machine to sleep again, does it come back with your preferred brightness?

Can you change the brightness by middle mouse scrolling the battery indicator?

On my computer, I had to add acpi_backlight=video as a kernel command line option per this page to get the brightness to work properly.

Hey, I didn’t know about the mouse scrolling over the battery icon :slight_smile: Yes that works.
I had been manually resetting the monitor’s settings (ie hardware).


  1. Open Dolphin
  2. Left is the folder view; right is the view that shows the content of the folder
  3. There is no tab-name visible at the top of the content view
  4. Press CTRL-T; a tab-name appears above the content view
  5. Press CTRL-T again; three tabs each with a name in them appear

Anyone else seeing this on Plasma6/Qt6?

I don’t spend much time in Dolphin, but it looks normal to me?

I’ll have a look at bugs.kde.org.

Just got a message:

Comment #4 from Bug Janitor Service bug-janitor@kde.org
A possibly relevant merge request was started
@ https://invent.kde.org/plasma/plasma-desktop/-/merge_requests/1865

I think this is good news for people who want to use META-1, META-2 etc on their Plasma 6/QT 6 setups.
From the link provided I understand people are testing the change right now.

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