Tesla hacked via drone

While this doesn’t sound Endeavour or even Linux related, it actually is. The hack involved a stack overflow attack on Connman via WiFi. Yep, embedded Linux used in Tesla and other cars.


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Well well, my tinfoil hat doesn’t seem so strange anymore.

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Not at all! they def protect you from the microwaves. Just move to the country ASAP.

So we def should not be using conman.

So it begins…

It was obvious from 0 day, but…Fun to see people freaking out.

Better to see it is possible to hack the robots than having them unhackable (may I watch terminator one time too much?) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Just wait till the red light turns on on the Tesla and the bad programming takes over:

You can always hack a robot - sometimes only with an axe. :axe:
Not that I recommend it. :wink:

Ehhh, not much use unless your a cyborg

Maybe, maybe not, it really depends on whether the problem has been fixed yet, being an embedded system, it’s entirely possible that it’s running an older version.

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