[Temporary Solution] Libx11 1.8.2-2 causes firefox 107+ to freeze under X11 with nvidia GPU

I was getting intermittent freezes in firefox with KDE, X11, nvidia GPU and encountered this bug:



Temporary Solution: Downgrading to libx11 1.8.1-3 solves this issue.

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It reproducibly happens since couple of Firefox versions ago to me (KDE / X11 / Nvidia), easiest way to trigger freeze reliably at least for my case:

  1. Open some video in “Picture in Picture mode” or just 2nd Firefox window
  2. Just type something in text-fields or use Ctrl + C / Ctrl + V to copy/paste something

It will freeze :cold_face: pretty soon.

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My Firefox doesn’t do this on KDE with libx11 1.8.2-2 :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’ve had some weird tab issues, which I thought was javascript hanging or dying on various sites, or a updated extension regression (of which Vimium C looked suspicious due to updates)

There are two hacked libx11 packages in AUR right now that might help for those that are severely affected.