Telegram Question

Relatively new to all this and first time using Telegram.

I created an account, verified it, joined the EOS group and was asked to solve the Captcha, which I typed in and was welcomed by Shieldy.

Now onto my question - is it normal for it to not keep me in group? I can join group but after 30 seconds or a minute it leaves the group. I still see convo’s but i have to join to type something and not sure if its working - not sure if its normal behavior? (never used it before).

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I’ll 2nd and bump this.

Was curious about it as well, joined the group, solved the captcha, got booted instantly. Joined the group again, was prompted for a captcha again, before I could solve it, got booted again. I assume it’s to combat bots, maybe I entirely butchered the captcha, though I don’t believe I did.

Just read some article about RAT Telegram virus on python which is undetectable for antivirus and can gain full remote control of system through Telegram API chat-bots (at least on Windows) :rofl:

If you ask me - any kind of additional actions other than reading something - is bad idea…
That’s why groups is not safe (in my opinion)

Drop a link please? I’m curious now. :thinking:

Afaik any AV engine nowdays that’s actively analyzing behavior of programs should pick it up.

Can’t find exact source i’ve read, but there is plenty of info on the net, here’s for example:

Hopefully Telegram will close that door soon :laughing:
Although RAT kit exist since 2017 or something…

So, if I understand it correctly, you joined and solved the captcha, which is to keep spambots out, and when logging off you had to rejoin the group again?
@ringo If this is the case, then Shieldy isn’t doing the job properly.

heh, @joekamprad changed to old capthcha bot to shieldy bot. Seems also colorblind people had issues. this i didnt know about you oud the group again.

this the first i heare sorry will look.

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but probably need a proper feedback as live , did you habd speak hi or something?

All admins in the telegram-group can configure the bots :wink:
i do not see a setting that could change that ?


I joined, solved the captcha and it boots me out after a minute. I don’t leave intentionally, it just drops me. I can see everything but I have click rejoin.

@ringo @joekamprad?


if possible try to contact me at @ringo32 (tg)

i dont know the effect and basiclyhappend

there are no such settings i can only reset the bot.

Trying it again - I uninstalled and reinstalled and logged back in and re-verified - lets see if this works.

try to say hi :slight_smile: mayby it helps

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Spoke to @ringo in the channel and looks like when I rejoined and reverified it seems ok. Appreciate the support everyone!

i would just like to know whenever i join the channel i get kicked

When you login te channel bot show a code to enter. Is for against spamm. If you login en dont respond the bit kicks. Normally you get a readable code