Telegram is still the worst!

Ugh… So I mentioned before, Telegram being the worst, while in Telegram, and in very specific groups, literally only EndeavourOS, and MX Linux’s, and yet, I talk, I help people. And still, randomly, I come back to find out this:

For no reason. This is exactly the reason I got off Telegram before, and told off the Telegram staff that never responded to me about why I was banned, nothing.

I hope EndeavourOS community chooses to adopt a better social platform from Telegram because, this… Is ridiculous.

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I agree with you to be honest. It is very invasive requiring a phone number.

Are you using a VOIP number? Those will get banned when they find them.

No, I’ve literally been on Telegram a week with a legit actual Rogers assigned Canada phone number. And now, I’m banned, same thing that happened last time I was using Telegram, except it was about 2 weeks before the random and silent ban.
I’ve been using the iPhone app and Telegram’s website through Ferdium to use Telegram, and that’s it.
Just a couple days ago, we were discussing and I was giving some suggestive ideas on things, possibly Mattermost or Rocket.Chat as a means. Those could also bridge reasonably well with Telegram with similar enough technologies in the rich text to be translatable with less to no issues.

Telegram is dangerous because of that, there were some very cautious news from Russia and Belarus on it finally started to cooperate with FSB (KGB), despite Pavel Durov’s public stance and feud, i assume it’s money thing. And since it’s physically possible to deanonimize people and do targeted ads - it’s just another form of social network, nothing more and nothing less.

If you want safe messenger which by definition don’t have any data on you - use Session instead:

  • It’s fully anonymous fork of Signal - no phones no registration. (unless you want to deanonimize yourself by posting your ID publicly)

  • All communication is done through thousands of decentralized onion servers (kinda like Tor)

  • Servers which is powered by blockchain and cryptocurrency has strong financial insensitive for people to run such relay

  • Therefore it’s censorship resistant

  • It even have fully end-2-end encrypted private groups with up to 200 people.

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Eh… I don’t see the point in “full anonymity”. I don’t care about this, personally. I don’t care that Telegram uses my phone number as their unique identifier for a username. It doesn’t share it to people in chat groups, so that’s good.

What matters is reliable community involvement. Forums are a nice thing, these forums in specific are very nice in the fact they’re like having real-time communications with interactive things to show people are typing and such. But real, live conversation too. But if that live conversation place is known to be bad, bans people randomly for no reason at all, and this too is a known issue… I’ve not just been banned once, but TWICE, so now I’m the fool for even trying to get back in and think it would be any better.

Oh, and to note, Telegram’s the only social media/communications platform that has ever banned me.

There is a nice matrix chatroom available. Matrix is inherently superior to something like Telegram (or WhatsApp or Signal, that is) due to one simple fact: Decentralisation.


Well you kinda do care, because it gets banned for no reason as far as OP goes… :rofl:
And it will get banned, because it can be banned…

How to solve that?
Don’t have telephone as a point of failure.

Yeah, Matrix is reasonable. Not perfect, but not bad either. It’s had performance issues, and system requirement needs that were beyond astronomical before, to run your own server that is, but otherwise, it’s been pretty reasonable, once you get into it and accept it.

I saw one channel, but it’s… The #EndeavourOS Libra.Chat bridged one, which Libera.Chat’s blocked the matrix<->IRC bridging.

Simple solution: Stop using bad services. Fool me once, you’re a fool. Fool me TWICE however, I’m the fool for trying it again knowing the past.

No, the solution is, help encourage this community to branch out to hopefully use a different primary medium, or build one with the suggestions available. Heck, even Slack is better than this, despite being proprietary and centralized.

Think it is time to pour some Maple Syrup on it or throw it in the Rideau Canal :upside_down_face:

I definitely can identify with your frustration (as VOIP the last 8 years in Canada gives me heart burn). I mainly write in our forum and with friends on Discord. For myself, I just don’t pull to chat services as much now. Too much noise to sift through.

Well, Session and Matrix are great suggestions.
Personally - i see zero value in all of that, since we have perfectly working forum which has PMs if on needs personal help or chat.

Using Slack is just evil.

I’ll take your Maple Syrup, and use it on my breakfast this morning instead! :slight_smile:

Honestly I don’t get how Telegram can be so bad, but it is. Their UX is bad, their UI is horrible, their support, literally non-existant, but yet they’ll randomly ban people without a care in the world. I’ve always tried to be involve with projects like this, things I like and use and people whom are good people to socialize and help each other with. I’ve over 30 years linux experience, I have a LOT to share (and a lot more forgotten :rofl:), and I’d even been helping people in the chat. I’m less inclined to focus on forums, though, personally, unless it’s for something I posted on and am getting active notifications on.

I think your critism is on point. People use Telegram\Whatsapp because their friends are there and not the quality\usability of the app. Otherwise Matrix and Signal would have taken more of the user base,

Then you have people who work for Telegram whos stance (yeah we boot people off now and again, but they come back so we can use their meta). These are the people who see water leaking from their ceiling. Then say to themselves … it does not rain every day.

Like you, I would go on Reddit, Discord, write bugs for Gnome and other open source projects trying to help. Now I have become more focussed on working with people who are disciplined and care about quality. In fact everyone who has responded to your thread are the brothers I rely on the most. My reasoning … help to tune things up stream … so the regular users down steam have more use cases that things just working. That’s part of the QA creed.

I’m glad you shared your experience with Telegram. @Bryanpwo tends to notice these things too.

P.S. Hope your using some crusty bread and making your French Toast with cream. Thats what I save my Maple Syrup for.

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Yeah, perhaps. I’m not really sure. MX Linux was the only other distro I noticed that’s also mostly only “present” (though not really at all, more ghost town than anything), to use Telegram. Garadua team uses Telegram as well, but they have Discord, Matrix, and IRC too, so at least they’re available for it.

Yep. They pushed me out for the last time. I literally have never had anything good to say about Telegram, but now I’m just angry and literally hate Telegram.

Yeah. I avoid reddit, that’s down there with telegram I think, more because of the people than the admins on that one.
But I get it, and yes, same things essentially, different routes. I tried to get involved with Fedora’s community, but they’ve pulled the sheet over their eyes and have such a closed minded nature about themselves it’s not even funny. I’ve been involved with Solus, but they didn’t want “old software” in their package database, despite the fact it’s opensource, it’s working, it doesn’t even need patching… Etc… And I’m talking about simple software that even Arch Linux has in their repos, lrzsz and zssh.

It’s a good thing, really. A platform is one thing, people you rely on and work with and communicate with the most for your projects, that’s priceless in itself.

Last night I was providing Joe with some points on what things, in Gnome, actually makes it and comes with it as a desktop environment, which is important if you’re goal is to release a fully functional desktop OS, that’s functional.

I’ve worked with a number of communities. I started working on maintaining the GNOME edition of Garuda last year, though, I stopped not because of whom they are, but because Arch Linux itself always has this way of biting me to a point that I rip it out and toss it. Yet, today, it seems to be the way. Easy to work with communities, Well, arch-based communities, like EndeavourOS anyway.

And with my user_commands.bash script i’ve been working on, I have a very solid base clean install to always work with, and roll back when things break, I always have /something/ to fall back on potentially at the least. And with Flatpak’s I have alternative solutions where needed, when needed, specifically.

For myself, I have learned to temper my passions (I have a perfectionist streak). I try to find allies and coordinate my goals with people with the same wants. Seems to be the more productive course. The other thing that I try to keep in mind is allot of people I interact with day to day have not spent their careers in the software industry. I find myself listening, and getting agreements around expectation. In a way we are co mentoring and learning so we can accomplish (small wins). We have to be prepared to have to make a mistake so people can see the value of something suggested. On a high level I think we all need to move away from confrontation and have more meaningful conversations with each other. I quite like the atmosphere at EndeavourOS (in relation to this point).