Teclast - any one tried one?

I need something portable to carry.

I bought a JingPad, currently have UBTouch installed, it wasn’t a good experience with Jing or UB :frowning: I knew the risks…

Am looking at this:

Cheap, cheerful, comes with Windows installed so “should” run linux.

Bizarrely work (UK health service) lets me browse Amazon, but blocks everything I try to view about this device :exploding_head:, so will have to search tonight.

TOR it! :onion:

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Blocked, everything runs through the trust servers, then on to th UK NHS backbone, then on to the web…

They contradict themselves themselves a lot. I’m not sure if its 6gb or 8gb RAM :grin:

RAM Size ‎8 GB

But then

Intel 9th-generation Gemini Lake processor with up to 2.4GHz Turbor boost; 9th generation UHD 600 Graphics ; 6GB LPDDR4 RAM , 256GB high-speed SSD; support TF card expansion, also support for SSD replacement upgrade.

I’d probably figure that out!

They also cannot spell.


My brother has a chromebook with linux on it. I think it’s a double boot though. But I’m sure you can wipe the whole thing as well. Maybe a bit more effort on a chromebook though.

I am used to “Chinglish” I assume the same applies to other languages :smiley: