Tcet Linux, a copy of EndeavourOS?


Someone on my blog linked me to this project, from Mumbai, India, called Tcet:

A simple screenshot will show how this project is a copy - bad or good? - of EndeavourOS.

Same space theme and artwork, a welcome application looking a little like eos-welcome, well… What’s your opinion for this project?

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Just navigating around the website and I have more questions than answers… Why in the world does this exist?

EDIT: " TCET Linux offers optimized and streamlined environment. this provides the students to explore the various concepts of Engineering"
There’s no mention of how exactly this is catered towards engineers.

Then they have the gall to have this on their page. :innocent:

Copyright 2022-2023 @ TCET Opensource.


From what I’ve seen so far, it’s just a base arch installation that comes with a few presets: (1) the zen kernel is used by default (2) zsh is used as the default shell (3) development tools like docker, node, python are pre-installed.

They market zstd compression for the initramfs as a feature. But Arch uses zstd compression by default as well. I won’t consider (3) as a feature since installing those packages can be done with a simple shell command.

In conclusion, I’m pretty sure it’s EndeavourOS with a slightly different theme. Maybe they did something with the ISO? Because they seem to have their own custom shell scripts for syncing databases and stuff.

I guess everyone can just create a distro nowadays. There’s nothing wrong with that. It is concurs with the spirit of free and open source.


No more zen, but LTS now, following this github page:

Switched from linux-zentolinux-lts kernel [#62](

Used task manager? Glances :slight_smile:

Looks like they think their users won’t look at arch wiki… It will show this project is hollow and completely useless.

You can create such a distro by following a 3 or 4 pages pdf file.

Slightly? :rofl:

Shell scripts? Ouch! I thought it was alias for pacman commands.

Useless ones. A cancer.


I mean, I guess so. There has to be some kind of motivation or reasoning for making this, though.

Just my personal opinion but this is one of things that makes open source great.

You can take things built by others and add your own spin to it.


I stand corrected. I just went through their .zshrc file in their git repo. It is an alias to pacman. Still a partial upgrade though. Not sure if they included those aliases will be included in the actual installation.

Maybe this is a tad too harsh, lol. It’s not completely useless in a technical sense. But I do understand where you’re coming from. They could’ve saved their time and just use a pre-existing distro.

Agree with this. It actually makes sense in this case, at least from a practical stand point. Those guys probably aren’t looking to create and maintain a full-fledged linux distro (they probably don’t have the time and resources for that). They just want to use EOS as a template to create an arch-based distro (that is pre-configured for developement) for their students’ use.


Imitation is the highest form of flattery. I’m glad they find EndeavourOS worthy of copying and imitating.

I really can’t see why anyone would object to what they are doing. They are not harming anyone, and it seems like they have a nice thing going on, so I’m happy for them. Some credit would be nice, but it’s not necessary.


Great, maybe. But if you can do something, you’re not forced to do it. Being responsible is missing sometimes in FOSS world.

You can see that this way. But for me, it could be a 6 months living project before being abandoned by their “creators”.

Well… Not telling about the source and telling in some way “you know, we think about everything while building the ISO” is not really respectful.

The question is: is there really a use case for this project, besides ten or twenty people in India?

I don’t think so.

Nobody owes you respect. :rofl:

Are you really going to lose sleep over some kids in India not giving you respect you think you deserve?

What does it take away from EndeavourOS if they do it? Nothing. We still have our little distro, they have their own little distro. Who cares what they copied?

On the contrary, I’m glad they’ve chosen EndeavourOS to copy, instead of something else. It’s a good choice, in my opinion. Shows good taste. :slight_smile:

No, the question is: does there need to be a use case beyond this, to justify it? I don’t think it does, and they clearly don’t think so either.

They obviously find it useful, otherwise they wouldn’t be doing it. That’s all that matters.


For years i’m seeing Linux distros using penguin logos and similar theming and DEs without asking anyone…and they cover all that behaviour by this free software licensing stuff…unimaginable.

This is too disrespectful, unacceptable even!
We should definitely hunt those Mumbai students and sue them all in :clown_face: court. :circus_tent:



Also space theming and astronauts are so unique, user nobody has ever used that before :joy:


Seems to be made by demonkiller AKA the ArchLinuxGUI guy.


By the way, TCET stands for Thakur College of Engineering and Technology. Thakur is a village near Mumbai, it seems.

It’s awesome they have their own distro. I wish my college had a distro.


I wish their write ups were a little clearer, it’s easy to misunderstand what is happening on their website.

It is what it is, and it isn’t what it isn’t… :man_shrugging:


A quick look at their github site ( ) reveals little similarity to EndeavourOS. Demonkiller has several years of Arch Linux building under his belt and has no need to copy EOS for this type of project. I think any resemblance of style choices and welcome app layout are more coincidental than anything else. I find it funny that some people saw the window manager style and icon set choice and jumped to the conclusion that TCET Linux project “copied” EndeavourOS. :rofl:


cough purple spaceman cough

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