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Hi, I’m currently using systemd-boot as my boot-loader and I am confused in regards to where I put the silent boot related kernel perimeters to gain a fully silent boot with my Lenovo system splash.

I have done this with grub in the past but never with systemd.

I did a quick search (top right) and it came up with this thread. Mr Dalto gives the information.

How do I rebuild the kernel images with systemd-boot. I know with Grub in this OS you use the sudo dracut-rebuild but what is the command when you are using systemd as your bootloader?

Edit /etc/kernel/cmdline and add the quiet option there. Then run sudo reinstall-kernels

It is the same actually. However, if you modify /etc/kernel/cmdline you should run reinstall-kernels instead of dracut-rebuild since you need to update the entries.

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So I successfully seemed to have been able to create a silent boot. However, how can I enable my system splash screen (Vendor Logo) on startup. The device I have this OS installed to is a Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5 ARE05.

Update: Just installed plymouth and set the theme to bgrt to have the UEFI logo

Update 2: After installing plymouth and setting the theme to bgrt I now have the system splash (Vendor Logo)

The solution to this post is the following:

And for the system splash screen, I did the following:

1. Installed Plymouth

2. Set the Plymouth theme to bgrt

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