System password required every restart with NextCloud installed

I installed NextCloud - by appimage file - and it works perfectly, just, I need to write the password (the one of the system not the one of NextCloud) every time I restart my PC, what I would like to avoid to do.
I set no password for the OS, just for root actions.
Thank you for helping.

What did you exactly install, Nextcloud the cloud server or Nextcloud-client to reach your Nextcloud external server?

Thank you, I installed just the desktop client to keep my files synchronized between my NextCloud server and my desktop, no cloud server

It sounds to me that Gnome keyring is asking for the password to unlock your app access, do you have auto login for Gnome enabled or are you logging in through GDM or whatever DM you use?

I have auto login enabled for Gnome

Then go to the keyring settings and enter a blank password to disable this.

You can also find more over here and go to the PAM chapter.

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Depending on your setup/DE you might have to install gnome-keyring first.
Take a look here in this topic.