NextCloud client auto login

I everyone,

Each time I connect to NextCloud Client I have to grant permission on my NextCloud website. I don’t find a way to auto login. Any clues for a solution?



You probably using XFCE or Cinnamon or other small DE?

Because if yes, it is because XFCE and Cinnamon didnt deliver any keychain/keyring with it.

I dont know why (maybe the EndeavourOS Developer can fix this).

The Solution would be, to install qtkeychain-qt5 (this would be already installed as depency from nextcloud) and gnome-keyring.

After a reboot, you log in with Nextcloud Client. Than you Desktop ask you to create a Password (you can left it empty if you want) for the Keychain.

After that, Nextcloud logs automaticly in.


I had the same problem, this did the trick.

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Thank you very much for tip.