System freezes during suspend after 2024-06-13 qemu update

This looks a lot like System freezes on suspend/hibernate after update to systemd 256-3 but seems to be related to qemu.

If qemu is not running, or just the binary qemu-system-x86_64 is executed without a VM, suspend /resume function normally.

If qemu is running an active guest, the host system freezes during suspend. Last kernel message is “wlan0: disassociate from …”, after that the system is unresponsive. SysRq does not work, but may be related to my keyboard.

System information:

The common qemu options:

QEMU_OPTIONS="-name $machine \
	-enable-kvm \
	$serial_redirect \
	-M q35 \
	-cpu Haswell -smp 2 \
	-m 256M \
	-device e1000,netdev=lan0 \
	-netdev user,id=lan0,hostfwd=::8088-:8080,hostfwd=::8080-:80,hostfwd=::8022-:22,hostfwd=::8023-:23 "

Temporary workaround: downgrade via eos-shifttime to 2024-06-12 and wait for a new qemu version.

If anyone has an idea how to troubleshoot this issue, suggestions are welcome.