Sway Edition - General Conversation!

FYI for whatever reason display settings are something I hate managing without a GUI. nwg-displays has been working great for me, does not require the rest of the nwg-shell project to use with sway.

yeah and arch adapted nwg-look… very plezant since lxapereance-gtk3 is broken. :slight_smile:

Has anyone managed to get a clipboard manager to work with the default eos sway config. I tried some but with no luck.

I have been using cliphist for a while now. It’s very simple but works great.

In my Sway config like this:

# cliphist
exec wl-paste --type text --watch cliphist store
exec wl-paste --type image --watch cliphist store

It’s best to have two instances like that, one for text and one for images so copying images out of the web browser works “normally”.

I set up these bindings for it:

    # Launch the clipboard manager
    bindsym $mod+Ctrl+v exec cliphist list | fuzzel -d -w 90 -l 30 -p "Select an entry to copy it to your clipboard buffer:"| cliphist decode | wl-copy
    # Delete an entry from the clipboard manager
    bindsym $mod+Ctrl+x exec cliphist list | fuzzel -d -w 90 -l 30 -t cc9393ff -S cc9393ff -p "Select an entry to delete it from cliphist:"| cliphist delete
    # Note: you can clear all cliphist entries by running `cliphist wipe`

I am using Fuzzel as you can see, but cliphist can use any picker you want (I think the Sway config on EOS GitHub is using Wofi). They have some examples of how to set it up with different pickers in the README: https://github.com/sentriz/cliphist?tab=readme-ov-file#picker-examples


As a long time i3 user decided to give Sway a go and I am very impressed. Most things will work out of the box as they do in i3 with a some small exceptions but nothing too difficult to figure out.

Running Sway with Waybar and switched out Wofi for Rofi-wayland which works the same as it does in Xorg.

Quick tip:

If you want to find useful information then swaymsg is your friend :wink:

swaymsg -t get_tree

Comes in handy when you want to assign that application to a certain workspace. [instance]

Right I am out of here before Joe catches me…

Or use swaybar with i3blocks or i3status-rs :metal::grin: