Suspend lockup on Gigabyte MB Intel Rocket Lake since 5.15

Putting the system to suspend to RAM locks up the system. Everything spins down (disks, fans) just to start up immediately again. The displays stay powered down. Only remedy is a hard reset.

5.14 and 5.10-LTS work. Currently I’m just curious if someone experiences the same issue.


Quick update: The issues still exists as off 5.15.7, but I discovered by accident that disabling the on-board Ethernet port in the BIOS fixes the issue. :man_shrugging:

Encouraged I looked into some wake-on-lan related topics (even if it happens with no LAN cable connected). Afaict I also exhausted other settings in the BIOS which look even remotely connected to power-management or wake/sleep. No success so far.

If it works fine on three lts, it’s very likely a kernel issue. Please submit a bug report to them so they can fix it. There’s l very little we can do here with kernel bugs.

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Unless you have a very good reason to use the latest kernel, use LTS. By the time a kernel version becomes LTS, such bugs are typically fixed.


Thanks, will eventually do. Usually I like to check the community first if it’s a “only me” problem or if there’s an easy solutions, before consuming developer-cycles with a bug report.

Also I didn’t want to leave the questing hanging after discovering a workaround. Just for people coming from search engines in the meanwhile. :slight_smile:

Actually LTS is few months older than the platform and I noticed some minor functionality missing (e.g. the A-RGB headers). So there was a reason - this time. :slight_smile:

Seems to be fixed in 5.16. :+1:

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