Kernel 5.16 experience

I also have Nvidia on my desktop with a Nouveau driver, though I don’t use Mate lately. With Cinnamon, everything seems okay. What do you mean, no user login? Do you mean the virtual terminal?

gui login appears , you type password , and no userspace appears , fail back to login ,
in fact you get an X11 crash , coming from version drivers 495.46

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No problems at all (Netbook and Desktop). Desktop uses Nvidia driver 390 version. Netbook hast Intel graphics card and intel Wifi. Internal bluetooth chip is disabled due to issues (even before 5.16). Using bluetooth stick instead.
DEs are KDE, XFCE and Enlightenment on the desktop and LXQT on my Netbook.

No issues here on multiple laptops and 2 desktops, all using intel graphics. I rely heavily on Virtualbox for my business, always a bit worried when bumping kernel versions but no problem this time.

No issues here on my X1 Carbon 8th gen (all intel).

Overall good.

This got fixed for me: Suspend lockup on Gigabyte MB Intel Rocket Lake since 5.15

Sole issue so far is a btrfs HDD drive acting up. The drive is used for backups mirroring the main drive: backup the snapshops twice a day for a few minutes and sleep the rest of the time. In 5.16 the btrfs-cleaner process never settles and is spiking constantly. Other btrfs drives are fine, it’s just this one.

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Possibly it’s doing some other cleaning or maintenance that’s now the default (e.g. auto_defrag, or spacecache_v2)? Also kind of sounds like it might need a balance.

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Probably. I’m going to wait into the 5.16 point releases or 5.17 and wipe the whole drive in case the situation doesn’t improve. Everything still looks fine in 5.15 and I was considering switching to 5.15 LTS anyway. - A solution would be nice, but at the moment I would just present it as a “5.16 experience datapoint” without urgent need for a solution.

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Yup - it could also just be a regression in 5.16 (it is a very early version) so sticking with 5.15 for a while is perfectly reasonable.

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I booted the new kernel with my main desktop. I can’t tell the difference :rofl:

I’ll go back to using LTS, because I usually use LTS, but mainline works fine for me, just as good…

I should update my laptop, I haven’t used it in about 3 months… I use 4.19 on that one.

Two issues on my newest laptop:

  1. profile-sync-daemon doesn’t like overlayfs on ZFS (works fine with 5.15 and on e.g. btrfs);
  2. touchpad has disappeared.

Just as a data point - my zfs-enabled linux-zen 5.16.0 has not shown me any perceptible difference yet. Of course - this is an all AMD system, so most stuff just works. Just surprised the zfs version is already in the repos!

So far, so good with the 5.16 Zen kernel; VMware, Nvidia 470 modules built without a hitch. Curious if I’ll notice anything when I upgrade btrfs-progs to 5.16 later today.

Have the same issue.

Except I can get around it by disabling my main monitor that runs Display Port and only running my HDMI monitor at boot. Once at the desktop I can turn my main monitor on.

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For me it’s been great, it fixed a really annoying glitch with Nouveau where stuff would blink forever or go blue, now it’s usable again and I can stop using LTS.

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No issues and i don’t usually have issues with kernels. It’s other updates such as mesa for example. Usually it’s something else other than kernels that can cause me an issue. Such as when it’s related to vm or graphics. BTW Nvidia ring a bell? :wink:

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Works fine so far. Default and zen Kernel. With Nvidia card/drivers. Everything smooth so far.

Usually I don’t have a problem with different kernels. Even earlier, there was a case with Antergos Linux that only the LTS kernel could boot the system.

No issues with nvidia + cinnamon here on XPS 15

Having issues with virtual box and virt-manager again. Neither is working properly. They are just unusable for me on Ryzen again. Haven’t tried vmware as I’ve kind of thrown in the towel.

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