$su Authentication failure why?

$ su
su: Authentication failure

I know it is not recommended to use $su, but i want to try it. Once tried, found out somehow “failure”. why ? is there any other password that i don’t know ?

What system are you talking about? Liveuser, installed system, or something else?

Authentication failure means: wrong password.


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su uses your root password, not your user password.

Just type $su in terminal.
I want to use this method on purpose to open a system config file.

$su is not the password prompted when $sudo pacman -S *** ?
Well then i have forgotten i have any other password apart from the password i entered when $sudo ....


You can use sudo to reset it. Like this:

sudo passwd root

It will then prompt you to set a new password.

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Ok, got it. changed successfully. Since there is "root " password, is there also “root” username ? Because i also don’t remember i have one.

Yes. You just changed the password for the user named “root”

root is the system administation account.

As a side note, that is what su does. It switches from one user account to another. When you type su without a username it switches to the root user.

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Got it! Thanks.

Can I ask if you or anyone pls help me with these 3 questions ? I have posted in the old thread, don’t know if anybody notice it or not.