Stuck on updating trust database (xfce online install)

It’s been about 40 minutes now

Is it going to install or is this some kind of problem?

Edit: after a few failed install attempts while changing various things, I tried one last time with British English instead of American and it worked

XFCE is running smooth but damn the vanilla version is ugly compared to the old Endeavour theme

It took me a while to make it nice again

The online install takes longer than usual, due to the measurements of the Corona pandemic, internet usage is higher and also our April release gets a lot of attention, traffic was high, especially yesterday.

The offline install has the modified theming, online install has the vanilla theming.

@manuel you remember when I proposed the idea of 2 differents colors theme to make a difference between Offline and Online ? it was for KISS understanding… As you see they don’t read the window, even if it’s written on it !!!

Maybe add simply text on buttons, you have space for it as :

  • OFFLINE Xfce EndeavoursOS
  • ONLINE Vanilla DE

Now, I don’t know if you consider i3 as vanilla or not ?


And, of course, an item on the Welcome App - to install the EndeavourOS theming if you happened to online install (to avoid future massive updates). Just a thought - the theming already done saved a lot of time on my setting up! (just installed GTK theme, Window manager theme and Icons - all the panel setup is great though (including whisker) and it leaves me only thunar capabilities to add and plank to install!


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I think adding even more text does not help if someone does not read the currently available text.

Adding 2 different colors (online, offline) may also confuse people, if the purpose and meaning of the colors is not clearly specified. I’m not really opposed to having different base colors, provided it is clear for users why they are there.

Clarity is the paramount thing.

That is already under consideration for Xfce.

Hi @manuel

today, a new french user who discovered EndeavourOS made an install and told :

je pensais pouvoir installer la version deepin , et je me retrouve avec xfce ?

…I thought that I could install Deepin version, then I’m on Xfce ?

So it shows that we are not enough clear between Offline and Online on the way we present it…

Let’s talk about it on mod side, maybe we could open a new Thread

Just a passing thought for your consideration…

What about if the choice of Offline or Online install was made earlier - separate choices in the App that starts things off? It seems to me that the explanation can be given more clearly there (by language as appropriate) than in the selection box. I suspect that calling Calamares with the option already set should be easy enough. BTW - I never had any doubt about what you guys were doing, and how to get what I wanted - but it appears that reading comprehension is not universal! :grin:


Besides language, people tend to not read what they are doing when instaling a distro. I often receive emails from English speaking people who can’t find the online option, just because they clicked too fast. When I redirect them to the Main website page, they often apolagise for the email.

Maybe an aditional description for those who don’t read the text at the top like this

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Maybe an aditional description for those who don’t read the text at the top like this

This is what I proposed just UP :

Maybe add simply text on buttons, you have space for it as :

OFFLINE Xfce EndeavoursOS

@fernandomaroto are you addicted to red arrow today ? :bow_and_arrow:
I saw you added one to @ricklinux on another post. :smiley:

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Why didn’t they switch it to the offline install being vanilla? Or is the plan to have a button on the welcome to change it to vanilla?

That button is already there in the Welcome app.

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Okay i tried it but it doesn’t change the panel at the bottom back? I guess it can’t do that?

In reference to the French complaint, I don’t mind that the option gets extra info, but let’s not jump to conclusions, because one or three persons click faster than they can read.


It probably has to do with the settings, but @manuel can give you a better answer on this.

What do you say about this:



So if they don’t find it, you confirm that we don’t present it enough well…
That’s why I proposed colors theme to bring the difference on Kiss way between Offline and Online.

Blue and Purple or inversely !

@FLVAL wasn’t this complaint from a couple of months ago?

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I don’t think the color makes a difference, they still don’t see offline is “xfce only” and netinstall is “choose your DE”…

I think the warning should be in the buttom itself (or maybe add a red arrow :wink: kidding)