Strange situation :D

My new laptop arrives this afternoon (woo hoo), I have never been in the situation of having two working laptops, normally one dies and I buy another :rofl:

Recommendations for the fastest way to transfer files from one to the other?


Probably rsync over a wired network.


2 things to remember -

  1. There is grsync as well for a gui route to rsync
  2. MOST important - either way you can do a ‘dry run’ to see that what happens is your intention!

I usually use mc (midnight commander) and enter “cd sftp://user@destinationip” so I have source and destiantion in different panels and can copy selective …

May be not the fastest way and may be grsync does the same, but always nice to select from ways to do sth. :wink:

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In that case - you might enjoy a look at broot for a multi-pane multi-tool…

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cool stuff.

a little bit off topic but I’m currently enjoying scrolling though this thread: Favourite Lesser Known Programs

I just switched form nano to micro as my cli editor. I wonder what more I’ll find there. :slight_smile:

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Lots :smile:

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