Strange Kwin issue when moving windows

Hello, So i’ve been using the kde plasma version of EndeavourOS for quite a bit now and have not had any issues at all but i think it started yesterday but i did not address it nor try to do something to fix it until today. The issue happens when a windowed application is moving, It starts resizing very strangely it’s hard to explain so i uploaded a quick video

That’s one of the effects you can select in the Plasma settings (Workspace Behavior > Desktop Effects). The description of the Wobbly WIndows effect (listed under Appearance) is the following:

Deform windows while they are moving

Each effect should have a short video showing what it does, but I cannot see them, for some reason. (It’s the first icon to the right side, in the screenshot.)

Hey, So that isnt the issue i was trying to describe it was the resizing of the window as i was moving it. Here is a video where i have Wobbly disabled

My system doesn’t do that on Kde. What are your hardware specs? Can you post a link.

inxi -Faz | eos-sendlog

simplescreenrecorder-2022-11-27_15.55.04.mkv (4.4 MB)

For additional datapoints, nor do the three KDE systems (1 tower, 2 laptops) I have currently running with reasonably updated EOS.

Hey, i’ve been using endevour for 1 or two months now and its never been an issue. but here is my hardware specs

I see you are using amdgpu and you have an AMD Radeon RX 6600. It should be good with AMD graphics. I’m actually surprised you are not having issues with latte dock. Have you tried downgrading mesa?

Edit: Probably to the 21.xx version