Stop the hate already

I was casually reading Twitter when somehow I ended up reading Snapcraft’s tweets, and I realised the sheer amount of hate thrown at them in EVERY SINGLE tweet they post, no matter the topic of discussion.

See example here:

For those who don’t want to access Twitter:

Original Tweet
Did You Know: Removing a snap from your system will safely backup the app data in a ‘snapshot’. You can avoid this with the ‘–purge’ option.

Did You Know: typing in “sudo apt purge snapd” will safely remove an unwanted component from your Linux system?

“You didn’t ask for it and you don’t think it’s a good idea but 1 out of 10 things you need are here in our weird quasi container system”

Did You Know : Snapd is just Canonical trying to have a monopoly on Linux by having only one proprietary server to provide the snaps? Use Flatpak instead, don’t bother with Canonical’s propietary standard that tries to shove it down our throats.

The list goes on and on.

I understand that you can have contrasting opinions to something and, as you should, express your views and provide constructive criticism, but I believe this is just ridiculous and completely unjustified. Everything they (Ubuntu/Canonical) do results in hate being thrown at them, no matter what it is they do. Moreover, it is more often than not people who don’t even use Snaps or Ubuntu the ones who are most vocal in criticising them. Like, you have the choice to use them or not, you decide not to use them, and yet you decide to follow every step they take to criticise them, WTF?

I’m bringing this up because it is relevant to our “Linux world”, but it could apply no anything nowadays, just stop with the hate already.

I’d like to hear (read) your opinons on this.



I used snap before, its nice. It gets the job done and is an alternative to install spotify, intellij and other software. I don’t mind installing proprietary software. Doesn’t get into the way either, so, that’s a plus.

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because to most users its classed as spyware and unsafe, just because you think its fine does not mean any user that’s not new to Linux would use it, Sorry to burst your bubble real Linux users are safety and security minded.
You actually come over as trolling i’m sure you are not.


On snaps, I think there are different reasons people don’t like them. Some people see them as the death of the traditional package management which they enjoy. Others are concerned about the amount of telemetry that snaps gather.

As for Canonical itself, I have mixed feelings. Canonical has made some tremendous contributions to Linux over the years but they have also done some things which are more questionable.


I wasn’t actually trolling :sweat_smile:. I’ve used snap and well, it just work. I genuinely want to know what’s so evil from it. I’m open for other views and learn new things


Yeah, I get why some people would prefer staying away from snaps and Canonical, in the end, that’s the beauty of Linux, we can use whatever we want. If linux were only Ubuntu, we wouldn’t have the choice to use what we wanted, it’d be like Windows, and, let me tell you, I don’t think anyone here would like that :laughing:.

What I don’t agree with is the constant hate being thrown at them with every action they take, regardless of what it is.


Coincidentally discussed on this recently released podcast with Alan Pope at Canonical.


I think that is the main problem Ubuntu head man believes their is only one Linux Ubuntu, the others that are not commercial do not exist so its a Microsoft mindset he believes, if everybody uses snaps then he has won just like all the other things unity, mir, etc it will fail we are not stupid nor are we sheep, flatpack and AppImage both work as good if not better than Snap ubuntu spied on user it lost their trust


We are talking about Twitter. Y’know, the same platform that likes to hate on x individual and complain about y stuff? Going offtopic so back on the topic of this post : Snaps are good. They work ,they are fine, it’s good for the average linux noobie. I don’t see how big of a deal snaps are for anyone. When i used Pop_OS, i had absolutely 0 issues with snaps (except when I wanted to mod an app but that’s something else entirely).

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Another reason we should recommend people to use Mint or Pop_OS

Mint does not have snaps enabled by default, plus the Ubuntu repros are also snap

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I don’t think anyone disagrees that snaps function. The issue is more about what they mean for the future of Linux and the privacy implications of using snaps.


This :point_up_2::point_up_2: exactly this.

Use snaps or don’t use them it doesn’t really matter its all about choice. Linux gives us choice and the more the better. If you don’t like snap or flatpak don’t use them but don’t vilify someone for giving you an extra choice. I always use official repo and aur first but I’ve used snap when it’s worked better. There’s been apps I’ve used where the snap version just worked better so I used it

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I don’t understand the point of this post because “stop the hate already” title about a controversial subject matter is only going to promote what the title is. Not going anywhere as we all have our own opinion on snaps & flatpaks. That’s not going to change with these posts. You either like it or not it doesn’t matter. Don’t like it…don’t use it. Like it use it. Me telling you my view isn’t going to change yours. Don’t hate me! :laughing:


:pray: Pointless!! your system use what work for you . no care what others say ( it all bloat ) 5555555

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There’s the annoying habit that people can’t stop complaining, and if nobody is listening they start to harass. - You don’t like chocolate ice? Fine. You visiting a ice cream conference, sure, raise your issues. But stop actively going to the strawberry maker meeting and tell them how wrong they are.

On the other hand this is Twitter. A anonymous online community with millions of users and virtually no moderation. That behavior is unavoidable no matter the topic. There’s not much people here can do about it.

Personally, I think most of the hate directed towards snapd is entirely justified. I’d like to have a beer with some of these fellows who commented, as they seem like funny dudes.

I wonder why?


If one is hated by so many, at a certain point, it stopped being everyone’s fault and became one’s own fault. Don’t pretend like Canonical is some poor underdog being bullied by mean trolls. It’s a big corporation that has done some incredibly shady stuff. They don’t get my pity, and they shouldn’t get yours either.

Of course, people who use malware typically do that because they are not aware of the fact what they are using is malware. Most people who criticise windoze or mac stopped using using windoze or mac. It’s absurd to suggest that only users of snaps are allowed to criticise it. In fact, one could rightly say to such people: “if snaps are so bad, why are you using them?”.

snapd is malware, pure and simple.



When i read this stuff i think to myself why aren’t you writing this post on Twitter? :yawning_face:

While yes, snapd bad, Canonical bad – at this point it’s just beating a dead horse. Those who insist on using snaps say “it just works” and those who are against it will point out the obvious. While neither side is wrong, the only outcome is a rise in blood pressure. Ubuntu is already a better choice to the monopoly O$ and most of the time it’s just a stepping stone onto better things. Mint abolishing snaps from their ISO for example is what matters, more than any copypasta ever will. :man_shrugging:

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I like Mint a lot and i know it’s based on Ubuntu packaging which i don’t really like but i can tolerate it for now. I like the Debian version also. I do agree with their remove of snaps. Wish they could go rolling!

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