Still keep packages on hold

I have two packages causing trouble while updating and therefore still kept unupdated.
Should I still keep these old versions?

archlinux-appstream-data: pakket-upgrade (20191128-1 => 20200415-1) wordt genegeerd
xfce4-power-manager: pakket-upgrade (1.6.5-2 => 1.6.6-1) wordt genegeerd

What issues were you facing that kept you from updating in the first place?

I am using xfce and didn’t need to keep xfce-power-manager back. In fact I am running with the latest version installed.

archlinux-appstream-data seem to be pamac related. were you experiencing issues with pamac?

Anyway you can test for yourself: update those packages and if you experience issues you can revert back to them by installing the downgrade package from Arch Community Repo and using it to downgrade the packages to the versions you are currently using.

Updates exist for a reason.

I think you should update all.

If it doesn’t work with the latest packages, have you tried this pamac workaround: How to fix pamac-aur / pamac-aur-git empty list on start

I know that I can update and see what will happen and that partial updates are not done.
I only thought that a fix for pamac was already around but I missed it somehow.

I don’t even recall why I downgraded the power manager…

I’ll take a look at the pamac fix, thanks.

Edit: found the problem with powermanager.

But this seems to be solved now.

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