(Solved) Laptop screen goes black after shutting down Chromium

I seem to have a new issue.
My laptop-screen is turning black when I shut down or minimize Chromium.

The backlight remains active and I can get the screen back when I hit a key or move the mouse.

Just like recovering from a sleeping screen.

Disabling the powemanagement did not solve this problem.

It looks like it only occurs when a webpage is active that uses flash.

Hello @Lemon
Check the power management package It seems to have a problem since the update. You can downgrade it back to 1.6.5-2

pacman -Qi xfce4-power-manager

Edit: I think the new version is 1.6.6-1

Hi Rick,

I’ll try that.
…and this solved the issue, thx,


Others seem to be having worse issues with this even downgrading. Has it worked for you or are finding other issues too?

So far, all seems fine.

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