Steam won't launch without VPN

Hi guys!

I got a problem with steam, that it wouldn’t load UI and acts strangely on login screen without using VPN.

When I open steam it says loading user data, then it throws me on login window and 5 - 6 seconds after it starts to load main page (which is obviously won’t load)

How can I fix it?

Since you’ve mentioned Cyrillic and if you’re still inside Russia - that probably means your provider is blocking Steam (maybe not deliberately but by accident, РОСКОМНАДЗОР have done that multiple times in the past as far as i’ve read)

P.S. Does Steam’s website load btw?

It’s clearly not roskomnadzor. Steam on Windows works perfectly and all valve related websites are loading

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Weird…looks like there’s some mess with your Steam.
Perhaps you should try to to reinstall it clean (backup + removing all it’s configs at /home/)?

I’ll try it on Endeavour but to mention I already tried it when I was on Fedora and had same problem

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Sadly problem still here

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Maybe you’re right and its RKN’s fault (they’re always blocking smth with no reason and forget about it). But it all started on one day. Just boom and no steam

Well…It’s exactly how it should look i believe, out of the blue.
If it works with VPN and doesn’t connect without it…it makes sense.

Solution is: VPN :slight_smile:

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If VPN won’t work one day - i suggest you to learn how to do full Tor network through webtunnel bridge, which is so far undetectable by ISP / censors…or lokinet, it seems to be faster.

In places like China, Russia, Iran - it’s a mandatory survival skill. :wink:

I think Russia’s internet politics are not too aggressive to restrict internet so much, that I would need to use Tor, but anyways thanks for advice

Oh and I forgot to mention, that I need to use VPN only to load steam. I mean gaming, downloading and so on works without VPN

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Depends on provider so far

I’ve heard for example Rostelekom blocks even Tor (including all other bridges, except webtunnel, because it looks like simple https traffic to them)

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