Steam with native library or Valve’s Edition?

hi there, is there a good answer, what to install best, Steam with native library or Valve’s Edition?
In special concerning Vulkan functionality, as I would like to make use of Vulkan in
X-Plane. Maybe here the additional info, that I use a Radeon RX550 with free drivers
Any hints would be appreciated. : - )

Here is some info

We have gaming section btw :space_invader:


I think that if you install the native one, the other one gets installed as well anyway.


Thanks for the quick reply , I red that one, X-Plane 11 is a linux game does not need proton.


Works very well with native, so I leave it like that , thx

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Yeah… if you have both, then just try each out.

I have only ever used just steam and the vulcan radeon drivers. Steam native always seemed to cause launch issues for me.

as with my system: at the first start of the play, from within steam, I had an hour of waiting in order to load the Vulkan shaders, but even after restarting steam sessions, the following starts go smoothly.

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