Steam leaking memory?

Is anyone else having problems with the latest version of Steam?

Yesterday I noticed my Firefox tabs were getting unloaded and when I checked my memory usage steamwebhelper was using 24GiB of ram at idle.

Today it had 8GiB in use.

Not that I’m aware of, seems to be running normally for me

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No problems here, either. I have steam start up on login, so it’s always running. Right now, my system is at 8.7 GB used; steam processes are around 500 MB of this.

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Interesting, I started steam about 15 minutes ago and I already have 8 steamwebhelper processes consuming 1.2 GiB. This number continuously rises the longer I have steam open.

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It really tries to help


I am not seeing this unfortunately. I am at 3Gib with steam open since yesterday no suspend (because I saw your post earlier yesterday) with 5 firefox tabs open one is playing a youtube video.

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