Steam game and : controller pass through

I have got Forza horizon 4 working now with the new Nvidia drivers.

Before this the installation worked as far as a controller in FH4, my
controller (wired usb) worked flawlessly. Now several reinstall’s latter
It(controller) is recognized by steam, but when a run FH4 the inputs
are not registering!? I am having to drive by keybord input.

Ive spent the morning, now 14:30 trawling the net and trying s few
bits and peaces. But no joy.


Do you have that installed?


Yes I just installed it and no different!! I can see it recognized in
the steam client and can navigate the the controller setup(steam)
its just not passing the input to FH4


What’s your controller?

Sorted I watched this video
on youtube and worked out what was wrong.


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