State of Oculus Quest 2 on Linux

I was wondering what the current state of Oculus Quest 2 support on Linux/EOS is. I have a separate windoze computer just to play my VR games on it but it would be ideal to combine both my VR setup with my EOS box. Will it ever be workable in linux or am I stuck with my spare windoze box for these VR games?

You really wanna know state of facebook garbage on Linux? :rofl:

ah bummer, I guess as long as I have a Quest 2, this windoze box just to play VR games is here to stay. Unless I get a Vive or an Index. Meh, I hate you facebook. shakes fist

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Well, as mentioned there you can try
but result may vary

Hooking the Quest 2, to a windoze computer is also buggy as hell, since AirLink is still beta in the Oculus app. The laggyness makes me really dizzy. If its this crappy on windoze, I don’t have much faith it would be better on linux.

Makes sense…I wonder why people buy it in the first place, when there is Steam’s stuff… :thinking:

Simple answer, Quest 2 is $300, and Vive Pro 2 is $800

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Well…You get exactly what you pay for then :joy:

P.S. And some spyware as a bonus :male_detective: :upside_down_face:

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I got mine as a birthday present, so I didn’t exactly pay for it. But it’d be great if it worked well.

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Yeah, that’s actually even a little surprising…
I thought that at least on Windoze when you connect it to facebook and sell your soul - it should work decent.

I guess they’re way too busy with collecting your data or something, no time for actual stuff :laughing:

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