Splash logo on systemd-boot?

It should be possible in a way… but what exactly is needed to get it working?

there is a splash-arch.bmp image shipped with systemd package:

And what i find is that it needs to be added inside loader.conf like so:
splash /usr/share/systemd/bootctl/splash-arch.bmp ??

Does it need anything in addition? sure it would may need adding quiet to boot parameters but it does not show in that configuration…

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dracut or mkinitcpio?

I try only on dracut as i do currently run it on my personal install…

Try setting the kernel option bootsplash.bootfile=

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could be its only that the bmp is a leftover and the current systemd build does not support it?
but is this the code?

Just to be clear, when are you expecting to see that?

Only part could be while booting system or not? After systemd-boot starts up till Login

I see only my oem in my builded kernel. With arch bmp https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/Unified_kernel_image

I use plymouth for that. It “just works” on my systemd-boot/dracut machine.

Would this give some clue?

My idea was to try because it looks simple :wink:
I am sure it has the same downside as Plymouth nowadays system boot is very fast and you will o ly see it for a second…

@ringo so with unified kernel image… it will show the OEM logo from uefi while boot?

I just tested it on a clean install. I installed plymouth-git and rebuilt my initrd and that was it.

Okay okay I will try that​:vulcan_salute:
Personal i do not need that but could be interesting if systemd-boot would be able

Don’t start messing with that for all users, pls. Better to stay with grub.


With unified must generzte with mkinitcpio --uefi or dracut --uefu i dont know you can use it with systemd boot i think… that splash option to a bmp file is with that.

Currently i have build a kernel enabled the splash arch was enabled but is disabled. For system oem you have to build the kernel and silent boot eventual also fsck …i builded a specifik amd raven kernel

For oem with own builded kernel can only in grub-silent or systemd-boot

with oem is build a fresh kernel :slight_smile: and silent boot+ systemdboot or grub-silent

info only !
no way we use such as default!!

Just tried plymouth and it simply do not show up needs to delay boot to like 20 seconds to show…

game ends here for me …

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Good Lord! 20 seconds! :eyes:

Even if you delay it for 3 seconds you’ll get people complaining.

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I am using the custom bootsplash for my unencrypted computer, it shows fast enough like 5 sec without the kernel parameter “quiet”. But you need bootsplash-packer to create your boot-animation theme as binary file for the kernel parameter bootsplash.bootfile.

My other encrypted laptop uses sd-plymouth and sd-encrypt that support displaying prompt password in theming, bootsplash does not.