Speaker issue

Hello everyone!

I stumbled into a new problem, I’m not sure yet if it’s a software (driver) or a hardware issue. The problem is the following: the speaker of my laptop isn’t working. What’s weird is that my Bluetooth headphones are working, but the laptop speakers aren’t. I ran diagnostics and it didn’t seem to show an issue.

Thanks for the answer!

Hello and Welcome Miss ! :wave:

I think Mr. Bryan had a similar difficulty with a very recent laptop.
I’ll try to find you the thread … just a sec …


There might be some info to start you up on your way ahead for a fix.

I recommend you help the knowledgeable members of the forum by posting some logs of your equipment.

Take care. I’ll follow the thread to learn more. :slightly_smiling_face:

PS: LOGS information :wink:

Hello guys!

Regarding the speaker issue, it turns out it wasn’t a aoftware issue, it was a hardware problem. It got repaired thankfully so everything works.

Sorry for the late answer, I just got my laptop back from service. Thanks for the answers!

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