Sony vegas 13 pro script installer

  WINEPREFIX=$HOME/.vegaspro13/ winetricks quartz
  WINEPREFIX=$HOME/.vegaspro13/ winetricks  corefonts d3dx10 d3dx11_42 d3dx11_43 d3dx9 directmusic directplay  dsound msxml3 msxml6 quicktime76 vcrun2005 vcrun2008 vcrun2010 vcrun2012 vcrun2013 vcrun2015
 WINEPREFIX=$HOME/.vegaspro13/ wine uninstaller
echo "-- Remove net mono package --"
  WINEPREFIX=$HOME/.vegaspro13/ winetricks dotnet40
  echo "-- run winecfg and change version to windowsxp to windows7 --"
  echo "-- add msxml3 to library --"
  WINEPREFIX=$HOME/.vegaspro13/ wineserver -w
  echo "-- Install sony vegas 13 in a virtual machine and copy the contents of the Sony folders into wine. --" 
  echo "-- Now run sony vegas and activate it. --" 
  echo "-- run winecfg and change version to windows7 to windowsxp --"
  echo "-- The text will now work correctly and there is no need to switch to legacy text. --"

This script is perfectly tested. Here is the screen:

Link to the script also posted on wine:

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