Some confusion about finding packages

I am confused about working out if I have openssh-server and openssh-client packages on my EOS.

in Debian dpkg -s openssh-server will return Status: install ok installed
In EOS sudo pacman -U openssh-server returns could not find or read package
But openssh is on the system because:

  1. pacman -S openssh returns openssh-9.0p1-1 is up to date -- reinstalling etc
  2. systemctl status sshd returns active (running)

What do I get wrong?

Arch doesn’t have separate packages. The openssh package is everything you need for both client and server.

There are multiple problems here:

  • Arch doesn’t have a package openssh-server.
  • pacman -U installs a package file, you can’t use a package name with it.

I think a little link to the wiki wouldn’t go amiss:

Here you can find how to activate the SSH server, among other things.

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pacman -Q openssh

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To search packages in your system you can do e.g.

pacman -Qs word(s)

To search packages that are available in repositories, do

pacman -Ss word(s)

and search for available packages in repositories and AUR, do

yay -Ss word(s)

While we’re at it, a few more options for searching repositories:

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That’s great thank you

Many thanks

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