Some apps have a pixelated display with new AMD 6900XT

What are you reinstalling that requires the unreleased LLVM version 14?

You’re missing out a lot of information, and normally when that happens it’s because the person is trying to hide something (something like… they’re running Manjaro…). :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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:sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

You remind me of someone on Arch forum who tricks newbies run hostnamectl if they suspect.

:male_detective: :male_detective:

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It’s just from many years of trying to help people online - this sort of obfuscation normally means something is being hidden - and normally on purpose. :joy:


Manjaro…?! :confounded:

@dodgypast If you could revert to above query to help further :slight_smile:

No need to hide anything.Except maybe your internet browsing history :wink: . Arch and Arch distros best effort help here.


The reinstall is from the latest ISO from the EnOS website.

LLVM is because I’ve been trying lots of git packages to see if they could improve the situation.

Not quite sure what the accusations of trying to hide stuff is coming from, but to be honest it’s pretty hurtful when I’m having a really shitty day. I am a real human with feelings, not just an icon on the screen.

Anyway it’s 2 am and I’m going to bed. I’ll try another fresh install tomorrow.

If anyone can suggest the packages I need to add to this it would be really appreciated.

Just to let you know, the reason for version LLVM_14 is that it’s a dependency of mesa-git

If it was me i would do a fresh install with all defaults. :slightly_smiling_face:


Interesting - the AUR PKGBUILD has llvm 12 as a build dependency… :thinking:


Llvm-libs-git is a dependency of mesa-git Llvm-libs-git is at version 14.

No conspiracy mate.

I was definitely the stupid in KISS.

A simplistic install seems to be working perfectly.

Going to have to control the bad habits I’ve picked up installing packages to try and get the best out of my nVidia card.


So what packages did you install to fix the problem?

Only if you manually install llvm-git (which provides llvm). The PKGBUILD itself wants the repo versions of the packages:


Didn’t say there was, but continually hiding what you’re doing doesn’t help people help you.

Which is what was suggested, twice:

But, I’m happy you got there in the end.

None. The repo defaults work fine, OP was installing various -git packages from the AUR.

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I was thinking more along the lines of the specific packages so that other users with similar hardware and perhaps issues could find help in it. As it is the marked solution is not very useful. As I said earlier all that should be needed for that series AMD card are:

Arch Linux - steam (x86_64)

Arch Linux - vulkan-radeon 21.2.2-1 (x86_64)
Arch Linux - lib32-vulkan-radeon 21.2.2-1 (x86_64)

Those are the only packages I use. Everything has been working this way for months as well as the firmware support for these cards. :wink:

But the OP is right you really don’t need all sorts of customizations to to get AMD gaming properly on ARCH based distros.


The ones that steam had in it’s dependencies already.

I guess the key thing was choosing lib32-amdvlk and amdvlk, after using nvidia everytime I’ve been on linux I just had a mental block at how simple it could be.

Only if you are using the AUR version. If you are using the version from chaotic-aur or some other binary repo, llvm-libs-git can be a hard dependency.

Just one more reason I continually warn people about being careful of using 3rd party binary repos.


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