[Solved] Updating (compiling) ceph-libs takes hours

Updating ceph-libs to takes hours on a laptop. I have never experienced anything like this before. What to do? I don’t know which package installed ceph-libs as a dependency.

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pacman -Qi ceph-libs

will show you which packages on your system require ceph-libs in the “Required By” line.

Not sure if it has any relevance but the package was flagged out-of-date more that one month ago:


Also, could the following comment on the package be relevant?


You can probably remove ceph-libs. It was dropped from the repos recently and it is no longer of dependency of whatever caused it to be on most people’s systems.

Thanks, I’ll check it out.

I saw these too, but I didn’t get any smarter.

That’s what I was thinking too, but before I did it, I was curious about your experiences with it.

I removed it on all my systems.


I’m not at the machine right now, I’ll do it when I get a chance. Interestingly, this did not happen on all my devices running EOS. Did you check what packages ceph-libs depended on? Speaking of which, I have a question: When I see while updating a certain package that it has optional dependencies, are they automatically installed without my consent? (I think the answer is no)

Whatever package depended on ceph-libs is no longer on any of my systems or no longer depends on ceph-libs.

No, optional dependencies are not automatically installed. Only required dependencies.

I worded it wrong, sorry. I wanted to ask if there are any packages whose dependencies include ceph-libs?

I knew what you meant and that is what I answered. :smiley:

As far as repo packages go, since it is not in the repos any more, other repo packages can’t depend on it. However, there may have been such a package in the past.

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