[Solved] Loud beep at shutdown

KDE goes retro :stuck_out_tongue:

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As mentioned by @zoli62 the beep is, probably, caused by the systemd update. I installed Xfce on another machine and it has that beep too at shutdown.
So, perhaps we’re blaming KDE without any good reason :wink:


But I have 2 other laptops both Acer with XFCE and they don’t have that beep. So if it’s not KDE related problem it can’t be systemd either… :thinking:

Perhaps they don’t use that speaker component?


Could be. So I’m glad that I have 2 laptops without that horrible beep… :rofl:

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Everything has beeped here exept a Windowze laptop. KDE is running on the good ones, and beepis taken care of.

The “operating system that should not be mentioned” updates at the worst possible time instead. I’d rather take a beep that can be fixed, than that.

Apparently this PC beeper thing is caused by systemd 251:

Something to do with “wall messages”, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen that:

The system is going down for poweroff NOW!

For me, I do like to beep the PC speaker in shell scripts. Maybe even pretend it’s an old Windows NT machine :smile:

beep -f 440 -l 100
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Horrible! :rofl:


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Then it is not us users who are stupid, but the problem really exists. I guess I’m not the only one because of that
I do not want to use a workaround. Hopefully the next systemd update will fix the problem.

so far, they only want to disable the message and the beep for hibernate and suspend -.-

And that’s exactly what works with the workaraound. The beep when booting the computer still happens (it should!).

While using soystemd it should scream non-stop. so that sounds like a feature not a bug :rofl:

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Great. Then we can save the expensive sound system. :loud_sound:

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