[ Solved] How to update appimages?

How do you folks update your appimages? I know one way is just replace the old appimage by downloading a new version. But how do you know when to update? I have read this guide, but it doesn’t seem to be very easy. Maybe I’m too stupid… :roll_eyes:

This problem came to my mind, because I noticed that pcloud-drive package in AUR is flagged out of date and it’s last update is on February. I was thinking maybe I should try appimage instead.

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The whole point of appimages is to be able to use outdated versions of programs (and multiple outdated versions, at that).

If you want the latest version, just install the program from the repos and let pacman worry about updating it.

I would gladly install pcloud-drive from the repos if it was there.

You asked about how to update appimages, not about pclown-drive, that was just an example… You should maybe open a new thread about that specifically. I have no idea what pclown-drive is and why anyone would use it, but okay.

you can install it from the aur:

I have it installed from the aur, but as I said it’s flagged out of date. It’s not fun to wait for weeks until it’s updated. But what comes to appimages, maybe it is as Kresimir pointed out, why bother to install programs if they are outdated already?

Is there a particular reason why you need the latest version of this proprietary software?

Does the AUR version work? If yes, use that. If not, use an appimage that works.

Or if you are a paying customer, demand that they update the version in the AUR.

Or perhaps don’t use this software, find something better.

Aur version works just fine. But as many people in this forum has already claimed, it’s not wise to put your stuff in cloud. If I still want to do it, I would like to use software which is up to date.

The reason why it is not wise to put your stuff in the clown is not the version of the software… The reason is you’re using somebody else’s computer to store your data, so you are trusting that individual or organisation. They can, at a whim, destroy this data or share it with people you don’t want it to be shared.

This ability to abuse your data is in the nature of this arrangement in which you store your data on a stranger’s computer. It is not something that can be patched out in the latest version of the software.

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You might perhaps want to have a look at AppimageLauncher:

@mardi @Kresimir
But clowns are…horny!


Look at this :clown_face:, you can totally trust him :rofl:

I have never put any stuff in the clown and I’m not going to start now… :joy:


Thanks. I will check that out.

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Why not, i’ll make your stuff very safe…


If it a proprietary package in AUR, you can try to update the PKGBUILD yourself pointing to the latest version of the source tarball that the PKGBUILD downloads. Then try to build the package locally using makepkg.

It might be an easier solution of you. Just refer the Archwiki page on PKGBUILD for how to do it.

Try Appimage-Launcher.


Many appimages check for updates and let you know when they are out-of-date or even offer to download the new version.

If they don’t, you are on your own. That is the downside of appimages.

I tried AppimageLauncher and it seems to work just fine. So I will stick with it for now on.

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