[ SOLVED ] Boot up hangs at "Welcome to Endeavour OS!" for like 20 seconds

Just installed Plasma desktop from latest iso and boot up takes a long time because boot up hangs at “Welcome to Endeavour OS!” The last thing that appeared before the “Welcome to Endeavor OS!” in the boot process was “Starting switch root”…

I had the previous version of EOS Plasma installed and it had started doing this after an update a few days ago… So I just reinstalled latest version today to get a fresh install and was hoping to get rid of the problem. It adds about 20 more seconds to my boot up time**.

Well here I am asking what is this new delay in my boot up? Anybody else had this happen?

I’ve never had this happen on EOS or any other distro in the last approx. 12 years.

Thanks for you kind help.

EDIT: rephrased after seeing it again upon reboot.

Hi, and welcome to :enos: forums.

We’re here to help out. Could you do use a favor and post the outputs of the below commands? It helps the community to better understand the issue and provide you with good and helpful answers.

Hardware info: inxi -Fxxc0z | eos-sendlog

Latest boot log: journalctl -k -b -0 | eos-sendlog

After you run each command you will see a short URL at the bottom. Copy and past it here as a reply. Boot log would help us a lot to figure out what is delaying your start up.

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Looks like it is having trouble reading a USB device. If you unplug the Samsung FIT drive, does it boot faster?

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@dalto @s4ndm4n - Boy do I feel stupid! THANKS!YES!THAT DID IT!

It is funny though that I’ve had that usb or others left in many times before and never ran in to that.

You folks are too kind and patient!

THANKS AGAIN for you help!

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