[Solved] Battery icon not showing when charging in Plasma 6

There are many little bugs and annoyances in Plasma 6 and one particularly thing is battery icon. It’s not showing anymore in system tray when charging laptop. It worked just fine in Plasma 5. Am I only one who suffers this problem? It’s not a deal breaker for me, but it’s annoying nevertheless. Is there a new setting somewhere to enable the icon showing when charging or is it just a bug that is waiting for a fix?
Or maybe it’s just a new plasma 6 feature?.. :roll_eyes:

Yes. :rofl:

Press RMB on that system-tray arrow → Configure system tray… → Entries

Make sure Battery and brightness is set to Show when relevant or Always shown…in case it’s a bug after all…

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Silly me, I didn’t notice that setting… :flushed:
Thanks keybreak… :smile:

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