Solution for getting TDE (Trinity) running

I am a brave man - I have written down the workaround 2 years ago :slight_smile:
The problem is the update of libice from 1.0.9-2. All versions following this will stop TDE from running. But you cannot simply downgrade to this version, because it depends on xproto (which does not exist any more). So I dug into the packages and found that libice only installed one library which can be responsible for that: (usr/lib/ So I unpacked the archive of the old libice and placed this file named with an “-old” attached to /usr/lib/. Now I have to change the two symlinks /usr/lib/ and /usr/lib/ to point to this “old” version and TDE is coming up again.

Of course it would be much better to work out what exactly causes the issue - but I never have done that.


…and here is the “nice” solution:

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I have checked the following solution is working for all users who are present on the system:

add the following line to /etc/profile:
export ICEAUTHORITY=~/.ICEauthority

I have redrawn all ugly symlinks and everything is working as before.

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do you use the TDE arch repo ?

yes. Thats the one which is bothering me from time to time due to not reachable, certificate expired, only via http (no ssl) and so on :slight_smile: