Offer TDE (Trinity Desktop Environment) as another DE flavor among EndeavourOS installers' options?

So first things first, I’m new here around, though I’d been looking around the forum a long while before registering. I love the distro, and I think it’s just the perfectly suitable one for my needs. Thank you all for developing it further! Without EndeavourOS, I wouldn’t be on the majestic heaven that is Linux. :smile:

Into the main point now, I was hoping if you collaborators and developers would consider opening another slot in EndeavourOS, that should let users pick Trinity as their DE. It’s the KDE from the past, before would it become Plasma as we know. One of the main points collaborated amongst, is its incredible responsiveness and lightness, requiring so little of RAM (being a good alternative if Lxqt isn’t up for your taste), as well the die-hard fundamental on sticking itself to the traditionalism principle of a desktop computer (just like MATE). I think it’s just a really neat unique DE! Most advertise it as for old computers, but I would actually love to use it on modern systems as well. EndeavourOS including Trinity is only a huge help for convenience, but also would spread more awareness of it.

As an addendum, I have tried out Trinity before, though never on EndeavourOS, so I can’t sadly quite help on detail if it does work flawlessly or not. In any case, I did happen to find this:

Might be worthy a look before setting up Trinity as option on Endeavour.

Once again, thank you all for continuing EndeavourOS! Hopefully I’m not being such a bother. :+1:

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For us to add it, it would need to be in the official repos first. I think TDE is not in the Arch repos currently.

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Trinity is not in the main Arch Linux repositories.

It is in the AUR, but the last update was

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Where are my manners ?
Welcome to the EndeavourOS forum. I hope you enjoy your time here.

Are you sure this is the old KDE desktop, or something else?

I tried to find real trinity in the AUR but couldn’t find anything…

The package Pudge referred to is something else.

You can add an unofficial repo and get binary packages for the Trinity desktop for Arch. You could also build the desktop from source.

See the Arch wiki page on Trinity.

The repo address (with key) is here. Again, this in a unofficial repo.

(Oops, I did not mean for this to be a direct reply to @manuel, but a general post.)


I had never heard of this DE, so I looked it up. Wow. Is this supposed to look like Windows XP?

It does have this retro windoze look, but it’s not obnoxiously ugly. I think a dark theme would look really neat in that style (dark grey with a green accent… :frog:).

Here are some more screenshots:

Yeah, I hope they add this to the Arch repos. Adding it to endeavouros repo would probably be out of the question, since it takes some work to maintain it.


One can have Desktop looking like this as well :

The Trinity could be opted for Q4OS. Somebody in another forum recommended it to me. But my installation copy instead has Plasma. Sorry I didn’t like how a version 3 read…

Besides those devs must have done black magic to it because it runs quite fast, although the desktop is a bit outdated now.

Just thinking…

What about if some individual or a group of users here are willing to make this a community edition?
That would mean doing the initial effort (one or more PKGBUILDs), and then do the needed maintenance later.

Anyone interested?

How can we make the initial efforts and all the associated tasks you mentioned(since I had never affiliated myself with these)?

If it seems plausible to me, then I can take the efforts.

But this is a really large ask for a DE that isn’t supported by Arch. Look at Deepin, even that DE can’t cope with a rolling release system.
It is a lot of work and I don’t think our small team can handle that in the long run.


Hello and welcome to the :enos: forums.

As @Bryanpwo says it’s a very big task. I did take a look at the TDE while I was searching for my next CE. I was interested in it for a while but gave up it’s too much to do and that DE needs a tone of work. And I personally think :enos: has more than enough choices, when it comes to desktop environments.

All of them are officially well supported and have a minimal effort from our side. Maintaining an entire desktop environment needs some resources.


Sorry to cause any confusion, was merely thinking aloud.
Obviously a task like this is a big one, and needs seasoned linux pros to create a reasonable implementation, not to mention the maintenance as well.

Fortunately we already have great DE and WM choices, thanks to everyone involved! :sweat_smile:


I would have taken this up but I’m too busy with work and developing systems for work. In future may be :smiley: .


@Adap @mnrvovrfc @df8oe Another distro, RebornOS, which is based on Arch Linux, offers the Trinity Desktop Environment.

Trinity on RebornOS is updated to the latest version (not like the old packages in the AUR).

Disclosure: I am on the RebornOS Team


LOL I didn’t say I like Trinity, much prefer “later” KDE but up to what Kubuntu LTS has now, v5.24. But thank you for the heads up. :+1:

They have an Arch repo. I mean if someone wants to use it they can just add it and install it?
And then it’s just theming after that.


A 3rd party repo should definitely not be added to any of the EndeavourOS flavours. This becomes a security nightmare and makes the whole distro very risky to use (and thus, pretty worthless to anyone caring about such things).

Either TDE gets added to the Arch repos, or it is packaged by someone here on the EndeavourOS team, or it does not get an install option and is left to the user to install manually after installing the OS. Those are the only three acceptable options.

I didn’t mean for EOS to add it. Just that it’s easy enough for a user to do it on their own with the linked repo. Of course I don’t really see a need for more than KDE, Gnome, and one or two other mainstream WMs because they’re so easy to install. It all really just comes down to theming in the end there’s not much customization that EOS does to them.