Solus Linux

What do you think about this distro? Is it worth installing?

I really enjoyed their Budgie.

I like Solus, great little distro

For me at the moment no, but at the same time I would say yes depend on what you’re after. Try it in a VM if you’re unsure

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Worth taking for a spin even if it’s in a virtual environment.

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It is definitely worth checking out.

Like all distros, it isn’t the right fit for everyone.

It depends what your specific needs and desires are.

When I have tested it in the past, I found it to be one the most hands-off experience of any distro. It was the only distro I was able to use without needing to run commands in the terminal.

Their repos used to be really limited which was a problem for installing certain software. However, the repos have expanded quite a lot since then and the growth of flatpaks and other containerized formats has also expanded software availability.

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Why no ?

They are (or were) gnome centric, which I don’t care for (my personal issue).
They have had distro fragmentation (internal conflict) and development seems to have been impeded by that.
I also found some packages missing, but that was at least 2 years ago now.

Just doesn’t have certain programs I use, all in all though its a good distro and as dalto pointed out a lot of these problems can be easily solved with flatpaks or even appimages. Would recommend at least trying it

Just try it. “I learn a lot from the mistakes of people who took my advice”. Learned this little gem today in “A little joke on a regular day”. :rofl:

they have like 11 people working on it now, as opposed to 1-2 at stages in the past, seems like a much more robust setup. solus 4.5 was released just a few days ago so might be a good time to try it out


It’s a good distro but just be aware that they are only just pulling themselves out of a slump that nearly saw Solus being written off as a dead distro.

Personally, I would give it another six months to see if they can continue releasing timely updates before making it my daily driver, but that’s just me.

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I think it is worth checking out for no other reason than it is a distro that isn’t based on one of the big distros.

The vast majority of the distros our there are based on Arch, Debian or Ubuntu. There are a smaller number based on RedHat, Fedora or OpenSuse. I have reached the point where it isn’t even fun to test those anymore.

Solus is something completely different which makes it worth your team just to see what it is about.


Thats one I posted lol, but I do normally warn people I’ve never tried what I advise beforehand so they were warned

Yer saw that just the other day and am going to give it a bit of whirl just to see how its plugging along

Used Solus full time in the past during June 2019 to early 2020 (before switching to Endeavour OS)

It was late 2022 when I last tried it just to see what new stuff they have.

Unarguably a very polished distro. The software collection is good for a normal daily user.

I am into development so need to use many libraries and stuff which wasn’t very easy to get running on Solus. So I had to switch distros.

But I still recommend Solus to those who don’t want a very sophisticated system.

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TIL Solus is still alive…

Didn’t the project have serious issues with support/forums/communities being dead silent on every front for an extremely long time (in the context of being a distro, security updates and such)?
I think they were even “demoted” in the tracking mechanisms of distrowatch (I understand that distrowatch has a name of debatable quality, but still).

Or am I getting it confused with a different project?

They did have some issues a while ago but seem to be getting back on top of things

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I think I will wait for one year, and I will see what happens with this distro ;-). For now I think I will use it in virtual machine

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Well it’s good news they managed to overcome their issues!
Always nice to have projects that try to shake things up a bit and not doing what everyone else is doing.

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You never know you might come to love it and actually install, follow their news, I occasionally check in to see where they are going and what they are doing.