So why a custom system?

Alright… the idea is not to get kicked from this place. I do like it a lot.

My question is rather simple. Why would you install EndeavourOS?

That’s it. Why?

So for me, when I got here, I found this to be the perfect solution for my constant re-installations of Arch. It meant going through a menu and at the end you had an Archish install.

To me this was great. Point and click solution.

Then I found Anarchy installer. This was even more close to Arch! Wow! Even better…

I have used it several re-installs, but it was Endeavour like, clicking through menus.
This should be simpler…

At this point I realized I did the same thing, every time I installed Arch. I ran through the same commands every time. So I came to realize I didn’t really needed a distro. I just needed to use the Arch install IOS and make it my own.

So this is what I set out to do. I made my own “Install Script”, which simply installs an Arch system with nothing else, according to my specifications.

After booting into this, I realized, this is shit. It IS a working Arch system, but it wasn’t mine.

So I set out to set up a “Jorisify scrip”, or a script that would set up everything within this working perfectly usable Arch install. Which I wrote, and re-wrote and still am re-writing…

Anywho, my point is, “sub”-distros are pointless. One could set up one’s system as one likes. This creates the perfect system for the person who knows what he/she is doing.

I will admit, this will never draw a community like EndeavourOS did. I am happy to be part of it. I do still feel like being critical of what’s going on is important, so here it is.

I love you all, best to you, please let me know what you think. I (seriously) want to know!

I think it isn’t that complicated really

  • Not everyone is capable of writing a script or building up an effective Arch system from scratch
  • Even among those who can, not everyone wants to
  • EndeavourOS provides some helpful tools which can make some things easier
  • Many people enjoy the community here
  • When you do a lots of different kinds of installs across different types and configurations of hardware, an installer can make things simpler

That is a start at least.


I’m here for the community mostly, since I don’t use EOS long term. I use it to play with things, to keep up on DEs and practice breaking things while having a very simple fast setup. And helping others wherever I can.

Then I use Arch on my long term stable everyday computer.


I would install EnOS if I wanted a quick-start easily customisable distro that is very close to (but not quite*) Arch.

I would install EnOS if I wanted to take advantage of the resources and community that surround it.

I would install EnOS if I wanted to contribute to a community-focussed and forward-looking project.


“The power of threes”


Someone recently calculated it to be 99.9% Arch using highly technical methods.

OT 2



Hey, that’s also me!!

I almost feel famous. This must be how Lindsey Lohan feels today.


It just suits me :hugs:



no idea what a joripity script is but i do not like the sound of one at all … it all sounds well hard

not for me i am afraid

i guess that is sort of an answer

edit … i see joris is your name …lol

anyway … i wanted to try arch (always used debian) and i am a largely useless user that can’t do scripts and stuff … endeavour gave me a chance to use arch without telling me off for not r’ing the f’ing m…

i am grateful for that and really enjoying the system

  1. Usually my first reply would be “It’s easy, and definitely close enough to Arch for me to feel ‘at home’”. Basically I am “Lazy”. Tho this time i actually DID install Arch “properly” first, because I wanted to make sure i understood the process of manually configuring btrfs restore points. And then I turned the pure arch install into an EndeavourOS install by installing the theming and addding their repo.

  2. The repo. As small as it is it does indeed have several good packages. So why not?

  3. The community. I spend more time on this forum per day than any other website, probably.


So I’m not the only addicted :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I think this sums up the best why every sane person who wants to try Arch should use EndeavourOS… :smile:

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For me, that’s pretty much the only reason. When I decided to distro hop away from Manjaro, I intended to just install Arch the Arch WayTM but then I somehow ended up on a bus to this forum, and it was nice enough that I decided to stick around. I don’t even like the purple theming (I’m more of a green type of person, if you couldn’t tell), but it’s easy enough to change that, so I don’t mind.

The Arch forum, while very useful, is not a particularly fun place. And I’m not even talking about their somewhat notorious attitude towards clueless noobs and help vampires, which I don’t mind one bit: I think that there is no ethical obligation to be forthcoming to people who can’t be bothered to do basic research (the fact that we tend to do things differently on this forum is just a sign of our good will, not some duty). When one visits the Arch forum, it’s typically not for the purpose of having fun.

I mean, it’s not like you have to install EndeavourOS from the official EndeavourOS ISO image, to be a member of this community, and you certainly can get away with not running vanilla Arch and still be active on the Arch forum (just keep quiet about it and don’t say stupid things). In fact, after I’m done customising it, it’s near impossible to tell whether the OS I’m using is vanilla Arch or EndeavourOS.


Meanwhile on Arch forum:




I totally agree with that one. I had two unpleasant encounters with the Arch forum resp. mailing list in the past. Attributes that come to my mind when I think about it are: unfriendly, arrogant and condescending. Some of these Arch guys love themselves more than anything else.

I love the EndeavourOS forum for the behaviour of the people contributing to it. By the way, before I moved to EndeavourOS I had the same positive feeling with the Manjaro forum.


Horses for Courses. I always do fresh installs of Arch Linux and then add in the WM and apps I actually use. It takes me an hour or two. Other people like a nice distro like Endeavour or Manjaro. It doesn’t matter a jot.

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Me too. I never go near it anymore. You get sensible answers in a friendly way on the Endeavouros forum.