So i upgraded my ram because it's the one area where prices seem reasonable

Unlike say graphics cards…

So with 32 gb of ram what can one do? I can set my makepkg.conf to build in ram by editing that here

#-- Specify a directory for package building.

and because it makes me feel better i can also edit /etc/fstab

tmpfs     /tmp     tmpfs     rw,nodev,nosuid,size=16G     0     0

or i could install ramroot

Ramroot - Run Arch Linux Entirely From RAM!

#### Installing Ramroot

Ramroot is available in [**AUR**](, so you can install it using any AUR helper programs, for example [**Yay**](

$ yay -S ramroot

Then, enable Ramroot using command:

$ ramroot enable


If you use the most recent Ramroot version, the installed RAM size should be at least 500MB more than the size of root filesystem. If there is at least 500MB more RAM than the size of the filesystem, the user will be prompted to load the root filesystem to RAM. If the size of the root filesystem is less than the installed memory, the latest Ramroot version won’t load the Root filesystem in your RAM. It won’t even prompt you whether it should load filesystem into RAM or not. The filesystem will be mounted in your local disk automatically and the Arch Linux will boot normally.

Once root filesystem is loaded into the RAM, you will be landed into rootfs prompt. Please note that nothing will be saved after reboot. Because our Arch Linux is entirely loading from RAM, not from the local disk.

What else can we do with some extra rams?

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  • Run several VMs
  • Watch a video in vlc
  • Open a metric ton of browser tabs

The list is endless really.


Perhaps if you are into graphic design you can use the RAM for work on images via GIMP or others. Krita may be fun too if you are into this. Also wondering sometimes, love having plenty of rams but rarely use all of them!


I don’t really do anything with mine but i have 32 GB also just in case. :wink:


I have a massive 40GB of ram.

I have 5 tabs open in firefox, and a terminal. . . So I honestly have no idea.


I have 16 more but it’s 3000 not 3200

Get rid of swap partition or swap file and use a zram device instead. I have very good experience with that. I have 64 GB of RAM and a 8 GB zram swap device. I did memory stress tests for all my free memory and this works excellently:

stress-ng --vm 16 --vm-bytes 67964m --timeout 60s --metrics-brief

This stress test eats up all my memory including zram swap. And it works just fine.

First I used systemd-swap, but because I only use zram I abandoned systemd-swap in favor of zram-generator.

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Taken from:


ramroot is currently not working with any kernel 5.10+.

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Install chrome :face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth:


And compile something with Android studio, also helps :rofl: