So about EAC (Easy Anti-Cheat)

Is there a solution to this other than just having a bare metal backup with windows or running games that use this in a Virtual Machine? I would love to be able to run Elden Ring with some friends but TBH I’m not comfortable with EAC just having it’s way on my Linux system.

It’s a trap.

I’m sure the mouse would love to eat the cheese, too. But if he is smart, he’ll walk away.


Elden Ring has EAC support on Linux (

You have 2 choices:

  1. Play the game with friends (EAC involved)
  2. Don’t play the game at all (no EAC involved)

There ain’t no fun in using Easy Anti :clown_face:


I’m always on a VPN, & that posted link won’t even let me onto the site to read about it.

So I just walk away (so to speak).

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  • Play the game solo, (& with no player messages) (no EAC involved) by running eldenring.exe directly.

On a different note, I think EAC is much less invasive in Linux. Not kernel level at least.

I wonder whether it could be sandboxed to some useful degree, for instance with firejail, and still work.

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AFAIK Elden Ring has a launch option for disabling EAC.

Not natively, but this

echo "%command%" | sed 's/start_protected_game.exe/eldenring.exe/' | sh

seems to work.

And for more options, I just tested this

 echo "mangohud gamemoderun %command%" | sed 's/start_protected_game.exe/eldenring.exe/' | sh

which works a charm. It’s good because EAC has been giving me trouble for two weeks or so. Much more convenient than renaming the executables.

No friends, no anti cheats :rofl:

To be honest I play mostly story driven single players. The last multiplayer game I played was Insurgency Sandstorm and It was working fine with EAC.

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