Slow loading on our forum and websites

Due to an issue with our server provider the forum and our websites have a slower load time or even will be unreachable from time to time.

It can take up to 24 hours before the issue is solved. Our apologies for that.


24 hours of suffering?!?!? :rofl:



This means we all must think first before writing… maybe it is a good thing… :rofl:


I thought it was just the tower here

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It seems to be intermittent here. Sometimes it’s okay & other times it’s not.

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It will be solved tomorrow, it has to do with the low bandwidth we have at the moment. With high loads, the server errors.
There was a software error between the payment system and the subscription system at the server provider.
The payment was paid successfully from my account, but the main system didn’t link the payment with the server account. Now, the head office in Germany has to manually process the payment to reinstate our bandwidth.


As it was their error - they obviously are going to add an extra day of service - or reduce the charges for the next period, right?

Everyone gets to dream…

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Maybe they can crank up the speed. :laughing:

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On yesterday’s Arch-keyring problem, I did the same and didn’t write on the forum right away. :slight_smile:

The issue is solved, we’re at our usual bandwidth again.