Slow download speed from GitHub

lately my the download speed on GitHub is really slow (50 kbps/s at best), for specific projects. For example the GE binary tar file (~400mb) for Proton-5.9-GE-8-ST is downloading really slow, while downloading the source code itself is at least around 6mb/s.

So today at work I tried downloading the same archive (on a Windows machine) and the download speed was “normal” (~6mb/s). The weekend I was visiting relatives and tried using my notebook (with EOS) to download the same files and it was as slow as my desktop pc at home.

So either GitHub is ducking with me or there is some setting that prevents me from downloading certain files on EOS/Linux. After searching around the internet I didn’t find anything helpful for me to try. Do you guys have any idea what I could try to solve this problem?

Perhaps Microsoft throttle GitHub speeds for non-Windows OS, who knows… :rofl:

P.S. Yeah GE is pretty slow for me too…
TKG is still fast, so it seem that repo have some…problems

How many variables are involved in this, and how many of those have you removed in your subsequent testing?

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I just tried some other Proton related repositories and other projects. With tkg it’s the same (binary archives downloading slow, source code downloading fast). After that I just now tried downloading the same projects via remote desktop at my workplace (Windows) and it works without any problems. Also (as mentioned), my notebook with EOS had the same problems in another household with a different internet connection.

So for now it seems like Linux is the main difference in why the download isn’t working properly.

Wired vs. Wireless?







Time of day?

Have you tried transferring from your office desktop to your local PC?

Did you try with a Windows PC at the same location?

Have you tried transferring from your office desktop to your local PC?

Yes, I did that this morning. Doesn’t really negate the problem, though.

Tried a VPN already, rebooted and updated my router firmware, tried on different times a day, tried wireless on my notebook and wired on my desktop and work pc. The outcome always has been the same. Couldn’t test with windows, though.

Duck it, I’ll install Windows on my old notebook just to check if that works.

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What was the transfer speed like, though?

However, given the testing you’ve done it does sound like throttling on the GitHub side - possibly due to projects using it to host binaries?

It might also be network congestion control algorithm, there was a network setting enabled by systemd last year which caused issues… I’m not sure what happened with that.

When is the last time you tried updating your mirrorlist? There was also a pacnew for /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist recently did you deal with it appropriately?

Not likely, since TKG is also binary inside archive, but it downloads faster

Or their AI glitched :laughing:

They can throttle per-repo, depending on which things are being downloaded where, when, how much, etc. etc.

Or, it’s not that at all… :sweat_smile:

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I tried to download the file. 15MB/s approximately which is a bit bad for my line. 1000/1000Mbit/s. But is okay for such a small file.


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300MB is a small file? :exploding_head:

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I think so :wink:


Things have changed… doesn’t seem that long ago that 300K was a huge file - and had to be split across disks! (170K each)

I’m on a 600KB’s ADSL line so anything larger than 50MB is “large” to me… :sweat:

For what its worth using Endeavour it maxes out my connection 11mbs so its not a linux fault as such :grinning: this is at 10pm

Github has had problems with downloads in general, and with speed too.
There has been lots of github “incidents”:
Sometimes the “incidents” have stalled development…


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Got the same speed here on my connection, 1000/1000Mbit/s, downloading what looks like the same file. I do not know if it was from the same server however.

Yup, when I install a new game, sometimes I am looking at anywhere from 30gb to 70gb and above.

I have noticed that GitHub has had some slow downs recently. I just thought it was because most of their servers are in the “West” and I am in Thailand. The old, farther you are from the server, the slower the speeds, problem.

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I tried downloading the previously specified files on two Windows installations (one on my old notebook and one in a virtual machine). Downloading on the notebook (wireless and cable) works, while I can’t download fast on the Windows on my virtual machine.

So overall GitHub seems to have a problem with my Linux installations. I also tried Ubuntu on my notebook (wireless and cable) and it also was slow.

Weird stuff.

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