Slimmer options but lean and in a new live environment, Galileo has arrived

Big thank to the purple team!


I’ll leave my machine on overnight so that folks on the other side of The Pond can benefit in their afternoon/evening.

I’m not sure that some of them deserve it, given that they broke away from Blighty and insulted King George III, but I’m a generous soul.


Yer I’m on unlimted data at the moment so I’ll download and seed til tomorrow midnight than again in a ciuple of days I’ll do the same


This side of The Pond has taken my ratio up to .10 in one night. R3 never got that high


Congrats :+1:
Linuxiac news about this new release


@Bryanpwo @joekamprad

Congrats on the new release! Could you also share the wallpaper with EndeavourOS Galileo mentioned on it? Many thanks!!

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Here you go


This is also the first release the wallpaper doesn’t mention the release name, just the image with our logo.


Nice timing. Gonna wipe my bloated Archinstall so I can come back home.



about this… can I ask, are there any specifications needed, for creating an endeavouros partition through the partition manager? I know it should usually have the ext4 file system (unless your choice is different), but apart from that, are there any other things to know, flags to select, etc.?

Thanks Joe!!

Thanks Bryan,

Didn’t know this.

Thanks mate!!

Only the general the BUG/issue is only about not detecting an error… if user try to replace a partition but there is no partition and it is empty space instead… it seems this is causing some confusion on automatiucally creating needed partitions.

You can just go create a partition with ext4 or any other filesystem and you will be able to us ethe replace partition option without that issue.

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oh right. Thanks for the advice :slight_smile:
I would even include this into the post itself (or as a warning on the installation page), as advice for non-technical casual users like me. But it’s up to you guys, of course. I was just saying because I feel like there is a lot of cases when people choose empty space for install.

This is awesome and timely. Thank yous guys!

Good choice to limit to a single desktop as a guide rail, I think.


by the nature of BUGS … :wink:

We notice about that in the Release info but by the nature of users mostly do not read or not understanding what exactly it says… If user would read, they would not try to use “replace a partition” to “create on empty space” there are simply endless possible ways to install the OS but there will be issues and ways to set that do not work out nicely.

And indeed aside from that we do work on a solution to this issue. It is a “bad” Bug and i am sure we will find a solution soon. The partition Module is very complex not easy to fix things without “unfixing” at the other end.



And everyone is welcome to help contributing and fixing issues!
Join us and see if you can help fixing some issues:

If someone have some knowledge we can make use of any help all the time.
Simply have a look on the code and feel free to ask here at the forum, by creating an issue on GitHub or P.M. me at telegram or here … i am a very helpful person :blush:


The news is out. :slight_smile:


etc etc…


Done a bare install a few hours back, works fantastic. When I say a bare install, I mean with no DM or desktop. Guess you can it a true Arch install. :smiley: